Charles J. Major (1837-1905)
John P. Major (1841-1914)
William James Major (1845-1905)

Charles J. Major was the first of these three brother to emigrate to the United States. He left home in 1860, settling in Skaneateles, NY. He married Margaret Mallon (1841-1888), a native of Liverpool, NY. They lived in Skaneateles Falls and had 12 children. Three are presented in greater detail on separate pages:

Thomas E. Major (1872-1957)
Charles P. Major (1874-1952)
Michael Major (1879-1962)

Among their siblings was Anne Major, who married an interesting entrepreneur named Michael J. O'Hara.


Thomas Edward Major married Lucinda Ellen McCarthy (1873-1947). They lived in Skaneateles and had ten children, three of whom died in infancy.Three of their children have their own pages:

Charles T. Major Sr. (1896-1962)
Sarto Cecil Major (1904-2001)
John E. Major (1905-1952)

There is a McGinn family tree because Anna McGinn was the first wife of Floyd Major.


William James Major married Mary Ann O'Neill Major (1845-1936) in 1865 in County Derry, Ireland, connecting the Majors and the famous O'Neill clan. Mary Ann was the daughter of William O'Neill and Katherine McErfane. Mary Ann and her siblings are included in our small O"Neill family tree.

William and Mary Major settled in Skaneateles Falls, New York, and had 10 children, three of whom have their own pages:

John W. Major (1869-1940)
Catherine "Kate" Major (1871-1934)
Patrick Major (1878-1956)

Viola "Lola" Major, a child of John W. and Rose McLaughlin Major, married a colorful character named Anthony Kane. I've assembled a partial Kane family tree.

Boleslaw (William) Smolinski (1884-19??)
Ignacy (James) Smolinski (1888-1967)
Joseph Smolinski (1891-1964)

These three brothers were from a family that lived in Kolno. As with the Majors, I do not know how many siblings remained in Europe.

Boleslaw Smolinski Jr. was born in Poland during his parents temporary return, but he grew up in Solvay, NY, and married Gertrude Maltby, which accounts for a Maltby family tree.

Also, there's a family tree for Peter Kaldowski, who married Wanda Smolinski, daughter of Boleslaw and Helen Smolinski.

Helen Smolinski married Stanley Major whose mother was a McLaughlin.

William McLaughlin Sr.(1793-1853)

He remained in Ireland, but several of his children emigrated to the United States. These children have their own pages:

Elizabeth McLaughlin (1817-1906)
James "40 Acres" McLaughlin (1821-1911)
Helen McLaughlin (1832-1922)
John McLaughlin (1832-1922)
Corneliius "Neal" McLaughlin (1833-1911)
William McLaughlin Jr. (1836-1909)

Three children of James "40 Acres" McLaughlin also have their separate pages

James McLaughlin Jr. (1849-1914)
Dennis R. McLaughlin (1851-1925)
Cornelius McLaughlin (1862-1943)

Three others are listed on the "40 Acres" page:

William McLaughlin (1853-1914)
John McLaughlin Sr. (1854-1934)
Margaret McLaughlin (1859-1910)

Two marriages connected my family with the Carrigans.