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The following family tree, on a Kaldowski family from Onondaga County, New York, was put together after the death of my cousin, Alma Kaldowski Furcinito, who grew up in Solvay, NY, but lived most of her life in nearby Liverpool.

Alma's father was Peter Kaldowski (1898-1960), who married my mother's sister, Wanda Smolinski. (That their wedding photo, below, right). I never knew Peter very well and knew even less about his family. The first question raised after Alma's death was whether her maiden name ended in I or Y? We had always ended the name with -ski, though I've since seen it spelled several times with a -sky ending.

Immigrants from what is now Poland — and from several other eastern European countries — often had names that stumped the people at Ellis Island and other ports of entry to the United States and Canada. In checking the Mormon website, Family Search.org, I found such last names as Kalduski, Kuldowski and Kuldusky, to mention just a few possible variations of Kaldowski.

That website is very helpful, but it's possible that the spellings of several names are not quite correct. The problem, as I see it, is that the census takers may have had difficulty understanding the residents they interviewed, especially if they had arrived in the United States fairly recently. The names written on the census forms often were spelled almost phonetically.

Kaldowski actually seems a fairly simple name, once you establish that the first letter is K (and not C) and the last letter is I (and not Y). Census takers clearly understood the K part, but the last letter seems to alternate every ten years.

Another problem is interpreting the centus takers' handwriting. Often the census sheets look as though they're prescription sheets filled out by doctors.

In any event, the family tree on this page is incomplete and probably inaccurate in spots. I offer it as a starting point. It was put together from the information on the Mormon site and from newspaper articles I found on Google and from the remarkable website, fultonhistory.com, which offers many millions of pages from old New York State newspapers. I'm hoping now that family members who have additional information will contact me at JMajor9863@aol.com

My Uncle Peter's family turned out to be unusually interesting. His parents were Mary and Peter Kaldowski, natives of what is now Poland. My uncle was the seventh of eight children. Three of his sisters married brothers from another Polish family whose name appears in several variations. I believe their name was spelled Koziol when they arrived in the United States, but when the three brothers married the Kaldowski sisters, they went by the name Kozo, which is how it was spelled in newspaper accounts of the weddings.

A decade later, according to a Syracuse area directory, the three brothers went back to spelling their last name as Koziol, which I believe is pronounced KAY-zell ... and that's why in the 1920s the family changed their last name to Kazel. (However, several Koziols in other parts of Onondaga County kept the original spelling.)

Here is what I put together on the Kaldowski family, starting with my Uncle Peter's father, also named Peter:

Peter Kaldowski (1854-1924) married Mary Wrabowsky (1854-1934). Both were born in what is now Poland and apparently emigrated to the United States in the 1880s. Her maiden name may well be in error. It appeared that way in one source; another, perhaps reflecting the difficulty immigration officials had with her name, listed her as "Mary Smith."

Syracuse Journal, December 23, 1924
Peter Kaldowski, 70, died Saturday at his home in Onondaga, RFD2 near Elmwood Valley. He was one of the organizers of the Sacred Heart (Polish) Church. He was a retired farmer who lived in Onondaga County for 50 years.

Their children:

1. Frances Kaldowski (1881-1918) m. Alex Kozo (Kazel, Koziol) (1880-1964) Mrs. Frances Koziol was prominent for her Red Cross work with Polish immigrants in the Syracuse area. She was particularly helpful as an interpreter. Tragically, she died during the terrible flu epidemic that swept the world in 1918. She was the only one of the Kaldowski children born in Poland.

Syracuse Post-Standard, June 14, 1964
Alex F. Kazel, 84, of 220 Whittier Ave., formerly of 311 First St., Solvay, died yesterday at Crouse-Irving Hospital after a short illness.

A native of Danzig, Germany, Mr. Kazel came to this country 69 years ago, residing in the Solvay and Syracuse area. He was a retired maintenance employee of Sears Roebuck Co., and a former employe of the Brown-Lipe Gear Co. on Geddes and W. Fayetle St. He was one of the founders of the Sacred Heart Church and a member of the St. Joseph's Society, branch ICO.

Surviving are two sons, Alex A. and George A. Kazel; one brother, Ben Kazel; three grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

Services will be at 8:15 a.m Tuesday at Macko Funeral home, 1601 W. Genesee St. and at 8:45 in Sacred Heart Church, burial will be in Sacred Heart Cemetery.

Marianna Koziol (1903-1908)

Syracuse Herald, October 15, 1908
Marianna Koziol, 5 years old, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Koziol, died last night of diphtheria. Her sister, Martha, aged 2 years, died last Saturday of the same disease.

Martha Koziol (1905-1908)

Alexander Kazel Jr. (1910-1967) m. Charlotte Bonus (1907-1983)

Syracuse Herald-Journal, May 17, 1983
Services for Charlotte B. Kazel, 76, of Duluth, Minn., formerly of 208 FieIdcrest Drive, Camillus, who died Tuesday in Duluth, will be tomorrow at noon at Harold E. Hoare Funeral Home, and 12:30 p.m. at Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, Fairmount. Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery, DeWitt.

Mrs. Kazel had retired as a chemistry teacher in the West Genesee School District and was chairman of the science department. She was the widow of Alex Kazel. She was a native of Solvay.

Surviving are a son, William A. of Duluth; a brother, George Bonus of Liverpool; five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

William A. Kazel

George Gregory Kazel (1913-1998) married Mary A. Melnick (1912-1991)
Born in Solvay, George Kazel graduated from Syracuse University. He retired in 1978 as a caseworker for the Onondaga County Department of Social Services. He also worked for General Electric and owned and operated several local restaurants. He was active in the Republican party and was a member of the Ukrainian National Home.

Geraldine Kazel m. David Wainio Residence: Liverpool, NY
Michael David Wainio m. Molly Manning Black
Lisa Marie Wainio m. Michael Edward O'Malley
Richard Kazel m. Silvia ?? Residence: Lakeland, NY

2. Frank Benedict Kaldowski (1886-1948) A story in the Syracuse Post-Standard (January 31, 1900) said Frank Kaldowski, 14, was suing the New York Central Railroad for $25,000. Kaldowski was run over by a train; his left leg was crushed and amputated at the thigh. I found no story about the results of the trial. In 1940 Frank Kaldowski was living in Solvay with his sister Anna and her husband, George Kazel.


3. Anna Kaldowski (1887-1971) married George W. Kozo (Kazel, Koziol) (1886-1952). He was born in Poland, arrived in Solvay about 1904.

Syracuse Post Standard, November 21, 1906
At the Polish Church of the Sacret Heart yesterday morning Rev. Francis S. Rusin, the pastor, married Miss Anna Kaldowski of Camillus and George Kozo of Solvay. The bride and groom are the third couple married from the Kozo and Kaldowski families. Three Kozo boys and three Kaldowski girls have made the three wedding parties.

About four years ago Miss Frances Kaldowski and Alex Kozo were married in the same church by the same priest.

About four months ago Miss Mary Kaldowski and Frank Kozo were married at the same place.

The grooms are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kozo of Camillus, and the parents of the three girls are Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kaldowski of First Street, Solvay. The wedding was celebrated last night at the home of the bride’s parents.

Peter D. Kazel (1906-1969) m. Cora M?? (1902-1981)

James Julius Kazel (1909-1980) married Magdalen Karwaski (1961- )

James C. Kazel. In 1980 lived in Newport Beach, California.

Walter Willard Kazel (1911-1987) married Irene Veronica Grabowski (1912-1991). He was born in Solvay, living in Camillus when he died. He was employed at Crucible Steel 42 years before retiring. A member of the Crucible Recreation Club; well-known bowler and member of the Canadian Professional Bowling League.

Jeanne Patricia Kazel married William Edward Gilbo

Marian D. Kazel (1914-2006) married Chester Laskowski

Jack R. Laskowski (1937-1998)
Robert Laskowski

Irene Kazel (1917-1987) married Raymond Stratton (19??-1995)

Raymond Stratton. Home: Otisco Lake, NY
Kenneth Stratton. Home: Lakeland, NY
Ronald Stratton. Home: Solvay, NY
William Stratton. Home: Solvay, NY
Gerald Stratton. Home: Camillus.

Edward Duane Kazel (1919-1983 ) m. Helena I. Darlington; he later married Marion E. Allen (1926-2014).

Edward J. Kazel m. Linda ?? Home: Cortland, N
Sharon A. Kazel (1950-2014) m. John Braun
Courtney Braun m. Mark Arria. Home: Baldwinsville, NY
John Braun II m. Jessica ??. Home: Savannah, NY

Children by his second marriage:

Doris G. Kazel m. Rodney Emig. Home: Interlochen, FL
Anna Irene Kazel m. Randy Ray. Home: Loxahatchee, FL
Katherine Ann Ray m. Israel Agosto. Home: West Palm Beach. They have five children.
Rebecca Lynn Ray m. Ray Sasser. They have two children.
Randy Linton Ray Jr. m. Carla ??. They have one son.
Thanks to Anna Kazel Ray for information about Edward Duane Kazel.

Robert D. (Pat) Kazel (1921-2000) m. Beverly E. Fenner (1925 -1998). He was graduated from Solvay High School in 1938. Served in Army Air Force in World War II, graduated from Syracuse University. Retired as a shop foreman for Sam Dell Automotive Group; previously worked at Crucible Specialty Metals.

Kenneth Kazel (d. 2022) m. Suzanne Clos Residence: Clay, NY
Alisa Kazel m. Frederick Ingerson
Angel Becotte m. Joseph DiMaggio
Lyric DiMaggio
Mina DiMaggio
Joseph (Jace) DiMaggio
Elizabeth Ingerson
Ryan Ingerson
Paula Kazel m. John Contini (later divorced)
Matthew Contini m. Katie Diamond
Claire Contini
Ashley Contini
Ciara Contini
Casey Contini (Ciara and Casey are twins)
Kenneth Robert Kazel Jr. m. Karlie Anne Jarvis (later divorced)
Mason Kazel (from a previous relationship)
Thanks to Alisa Ingerson for information about Kenneth Kazel.
Wendy Kazel (1952-2001) m. Robert "Bud" Radcliffe (1925-2001)
Charmaine Kazel (1970- ) m. Steven Prouty Jr. in 1991; divorced 1999; m. Joseph Greene in 2006
Michael Prouty (1991)
Kaitlyn Prouty (1996)
Donna Kazel m. ?? Quattrone. Residence: Clay, NY
Penny "Love and Laughter" Kazel (1962-2011) m. Richard Harold Gigliotti. Residence: Cicero, NY
Sarah Giliotti m. Christopher Shepard
Marissa Gigliotti
Erica Gigliotti
Kevin Kazel (1957-2015) m. Beth Hall. Residence: Clay, NY
Dean Kazel. Residence: North Syracuse, NY
David Kazel. Residence: Bridgeport, NY
Eric Kazel. Residence: Baldwinsville, NY.

Dorothy Kazel (1924-2000) married Joseph P. Iauco (1923-1958); married Richard Barnaskey (1927-2006)

Joseph Iauco m. Irene Kline Residence: Syracuse, NY
David Joseph Iauco (1974- ) m. Megan Harding
Melanie Iauco
Anna Rose Iauco
Duane Iauco m. Carol Kline Residence: Baldwinsville, NY. Carol and Irene Kline (see Joseph Iauco, above) are sisters. Both marriages took place in 1968 at St. Cecilia's Church, Solvay. Joseph and Duane Iauco were members of the Syracuse Fire Department for 30-plus years; both retired in 2003.
Jennifer Anne Iauco (1970- ) m. Mark Edward Jankowski
Cole Ryan Edward Jankowski
Stephanie Anne Iauco (1972- ) m. Gregory Alan Maselli, Baldwinsville
Gianna Rose Maselli
Scott Barnaskey m. Jeanne ?? Residence: Fairmount. Scott Barnasky is an electrician and works for Syracuse University.
Regina Barnasky (1974- ) m. Paul Vanderhoff, Camillus
Ashley Rocker
Haley Vanderhoff
Elizabeth Barnasky (1983- ) m. Jason Martin
Alexis Martin
Thanks to Stephanie Anne Iauco for much of the above information.

4. Maryanna Kaldowski (1889-1936) married Franciszek (Frank) Kozo (Kazel, Koziol) (1882-1948)

Francis William Kazel (1907-1993) married Dorothy Mae Pritchard (19??-1965). 2nd wife: Grace Monica Heath (1905-2003) Francis had a farm on Old Colllamer Road, East Syracuse; sold it and moved to California.

Joyce Marie Kazel (1926-2005) m. George Frederick Barnes (1925-2008)
Christine Barnes
Linda Barnes
Wayne Barnes

John C. Kazel (1908-1986) m. Lottie Sojka (1911-2004)

Joan Kazel

Henry Kazel (1912-1950) m. Harriet "Molly" Palutys (1914-1993)

Robert Kazel (1943-2001)

5. Violet (Viola) Kaldowski (1891-1972) married Walter Wierowski (1888-1946). Wierowski born in Poland, emigrated to the United States in 1907.

Joseph Walter Wierowski (1911-1985) m. Mary Halczyn (1915-2005).

Dorothea Vallerie Wierowski (1916-1991) She was a lifetime resident of Solvay, the valedictorian of the Solvay graduating class of 1934.

Edward Daniel Wierowski (1919-1971) m. Jane J. Smorol (1920-2011).

Raymond Wierowski

Karol Vincent Wierowski (1922-1972)

David Wierowski m. Diane Wheaton
Heather Wierowski m. Robert Huether in 2009. Heather, a graphic artist, is a graduate of Solvay High School and the University of Buffalo.
James Wierowski
Mary Lou Wierowski m. Martin Coons

6. John H. Kaldowski (1892- 1949) married Katharine M. Crame [Spelling of the last name on the U.S. census and other sources is often Kaldowsky.]

John H. Kaldowski (1923-1994) m. Elizabeth ?? (1936-1990). He was an Army veteran of World War 2. He retired as a truck driver for Halls Trucking Company.

Steven Kaldowski
John Kaldowski

7. Peter Lloyd Kaldowski (1898-1960) married Wanda Smolinski (1904-1982)

Syracuse Post-Standard, September 30, 1909
When 11-year-old Peter Kaldowsky was driving a horse to water at his father’s farm, three miles west of Onondaga Hill, on the Seneca Turnpike, at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, he struck the animal with a stick to hasten its pace.

The animal struck back, kicking the youngster in the right side of the face, knocking out all of the upper teeth on the right side of the jaw and fracturing the jaw. Dr. S. Ellis Crane of Onondaga Valley was called.

Apparently the Kaldowski (aka Kaldowsky) family had a farm in the town of Onondaga, plus a house on First Street in Solvay.

Alma Kaldowski (1927-2012) married James Furcinito (1926-2018; see obituary at the bottom of the page.)

James Furcinito married Bonnie Ernst (divorced)
Peter Furcinito married Ann Marie Russell
Elizabeth Furcinito (1997- )
Edward Furcinito (2000- )

8. Rose Margaret Kaldowski (1901*-1960 ) married Herbert William Allen (1901-1933). According to the 1930 U. S. Census, they had three children. (Another source says Rose Kaldowski was born in 1894.)

Rose F. Allen (1925- )

Herbert Edward Allen (1928- )

Joseph E. Allen (1930- )


The 1920 United States census added four young members of the Kaldowski family. And while each listed Peter and Mary Kaldowski (spelled Kaldowsky this time around) as his or her parents, the birthplace for all four children was listed as Wisconsin. According to a 1905 census, they were living in Milwaukee, children of Ignatz and Victoria (Szudlewski) Kaldowski.

A look at birth and death records available online revealed Ignatz and Victoria Kaldowski lived a tragic life. Six of their children — Leonard, Josef, Frank, Anton, Marian and Anastasia — died shortly after birth. As is common with records from that period, Victoria Szudlewski's name is spelled differently each time it is mentioned. (Variations of her maiden name include Schingwilski, Szndlecosky and Schynovelska.)

Ignatz and Victoria (Szudlewski) Kaldowski were natives of what is now Poland. Ignatz was born in 1870, Victoria in 1876. They also had a daughter Julianna, born in 1905. Why four of their children moved to New York to live with Peter and Mary Kaldowski is unknown. Why Julianna didn’t join her siblings also is unknown. It may be, as one relative has suggested, that Ignatz and Victoria were killed in an automobile accident around 1919. Perhaps Julianna also died.

I believe all four of their children who relocated to New York remained there, though not necessarily in the Syracuse area. Here are their names. The birth years listed do not correspond with 1920 census information. I found them among the birth and death data available elsewhere.

Alexander Kaldowski (1898-1942; see below)
Stephen Kaldowski (1901- )
Rose Kaldowski (1902- ) and ...
Martha Kaldowski (1907- ).

Syracuse Journal, August 27, 1942
The funeral of Alexander Kaldowski, who died Wednesday in Rome, was conducted Friday at Sacred Heart Church, the Rev. Casimir Piejda officiating.

Bearers were Joseph and Edward Wierowski, Peter Kaldowski and Alexander Kazel. Burial was in Sacred Heart Cemetery.

I'm making an assumption — always risky, I know — that the following stories deal with tragedies that befell a father and his son. Both were named Joseph Kaldowski. They may not have been related to the Kaldowskis above, but it's possible they were. I can find no mention of Joseph Kaldowski, the elder, or a wife named Mary, in any census or directory.

Joseph Kaldowski married Mary ??

Syracuse Daily Journal, April 21, 1898
Joseph Kaldowski, who is employed on one of the lime kilns of the Solvay Process company, ruptured a blood vessel in his head while working this morning. He was removed to his home on the Hubbell tract. Dr. Chadbourne was called and on diagnosing the case exprsessed but faint hope of Kaldowski’s recovery.

Syracuse Daily Journal, April 27, 1898
Joseph Kaldowski, a laborer of 303 Caroline Ave., Solvay, died Sunday. A story was circulated to the effect that his death was due to a kick which he received in a fight about a week ago. Coroner Weaver made an investigation and found that death was due to natural causes, being the result of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Joseph Kaldowski (1896-1903)

Syracuse Evening Telegram, July 14, 1903
A fatal accident resulting from “hopping trains” occurred last night when Joseph Kaldowski, a Polish child, was struck by a Delaware, Lackawanna & Western railroad passenger train. The youngster, who was only 7 years old, had been following the favorite pastime of his playmates. It is thought that he was waiting for a train, when a passenger train came tearing down the tracks, running over him.

His skull was fracture and his right arm nearly severed. He was taken to the Hospital for Women and Children where he died early this morning, and Coroner Mathews was called to investigate the case. The boy lived with his widowed mother [Mrs. Mary Kaldowski] at 228 Lakeview Avenue.



James Furcinito was a home builder
and veteran of World War 2

James Furcinito, 91, of Liverpool, passed away on Tuesday (June 5, 2018). He was born in Syracuse and had been a resident of Liverpool for the past 48 years.

James attended Christian Brothers Academy and continued his education attending LeMoyne College as well Syracuse University. He served his country in the Army 11th Airborne Division during World War II. He and his son Peter loved participating in Honor Flight Mission 9.

He was a member of the CNY Home Builders Association. James was retired from being a home builder and was a partner in several successful companies, Furcinito Construction Corp, Willowbrook, Radcor, and Furcinito Builders Inc. Upon his retirement, he enjoyed winters in Marco Island. 

Both James and his late wife, the former Alma Kaldowski, enjoyed supporting their grandchildren’s athletics and activities. Therefore, in lieu of flowers, friends and family are asked to donate in memory of Jim to Liverpool Crew Boosters, 8214 Molson Way, Liverpool, N.Y. 13090.

Surviving to cherish his memory are two sons, James P. (Charlotte) Furcinito of Houston, TX, and Peter S. (Ann Marie) Furcinito and two grandchildren, Elizabeth and Edward Furcinito, all of Liverpool. Also surviving are many nieces, nephews and cousins.

A calling hour will be held 10 to 11 am, Tuesday, June 12, 2018, at Pope John XXIII Catholic Church, 8290 Soule Rd., Liverpool, with a Mass of Christian Burial to be celebrated at 11 am.