Children of Molly Quigley and William McLaughlin Sr.
Cornelius 'Neal' McLaughlin (1833-1911)

Cornelius 'Neal' McLaughlin was the six of nine children born in Ireland to Molly Quigley and William McLaughlin Sr.

Source for much of my information about the Skaneateles (NY) McLaughlins that included my paternal grandmother, Rose McLaughlin Major, is "The History of the McLaughlin Family" by Henry W. McLaughlin and Edward F. McLaughlin. Their history had this to say about this particular Cornelius McLaughlin (1833-1911), who apparently was better known as Neal:

Cornelius McLaughlin came to Skaneateles with his 13-year-old son, William. He (Cornelius) returned to his family in Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland, but left his son with his brother, James McLaughlin Sr. (aka "40 Acres" McLaughlin).

Neal apparently remained in Ireland, with his wife, the rest of his life, which ended on Easter Sunday in 1911. "The History of the McLaughlin Family" did not mention any other of Cornelius's children, but I believe there were at least five more who came to the United States, plus at least one who remained in Ireland. I base this on obituaries I have found in the past few years. Granted, newspaper obituaries are not always reliable, which is why I cannot vouch for the accuracy of all that follows.

Among the missing pieces of information: the name of Cornelius "Neal" McLaughlin's wife. I believe she and her husband had at least seven children:

1. William McLaughlin (1861-1936) married Margaret Flynn (1861-1933). According to "This History of the McLaughlin Family," William worked for Summit View Farm, located on a hill west of Skaneateles. Likely this was during the period Summit View Farm was owned by the McLaughlin Brothers, John and James Jr.

Later William McLaughlin moved his family to Syracuse where he was employed as a machinist. Margaret Flynn was the daughter of Dennis and Mary Flynn, and the sister of James and Michael (who married Bridget Major).

Margaret Flynn and William McLaughlin had six children:

Mary McLaughlin (1888-1934) was a teacher at Bellevue School in Syracuse.

Cornelius Dennis McLaughlin (1890-1960) m. Suzanne Fauvet (1893-1971). Cornelius McLaughlin graduated from Cornell University with a degree in engineering. He was in the Lafayette Esquadrille in World War I, later a Brigadier General in the Army. His Paris-born wife was a medal winner during the war. (See story below.) Cornelius Dennis McLaughlin and Suznne Fauve had two children:

Jean William McLaughlin (1924-1999) m. Ann Tutor (1924-1992). Jean William McLaughlin was born in College Point, NY; died in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. In 1950 he married Ann Tutor, who had had two children, Jeffrey and Amanda, by a previous marriage. He adopted the children and in 1952 they changed their last name to McLaughlin. Sometime after the death of his wife in 1992, Jean William McLaughlin married Janet Hansen.

Jeffrey Lee McLaughlin (1945- ) m. Umporn Ratana (1945- ). Married in 1975, divorced in 1983.
Marisa Anne McLaughlin (1976- ) m. Samuel Anderson (1975- )
Kellen Matthew Anderson (2007- )
Maya August Anderson (2009- )
Sawyer Kidder Anderson (2015- )
Amanda Marsh McLaughlin (1948- ) m. McGregor Cauthen. Married 1967, divorced 1971
Thomas Craig Spiller (1968- ) m. Paula ? (divorced)

Pierre Michel McLaughlin (1925-2001) m. Carole Allee (1932). Pierre Michel McLaughlin was born in Dayton, OH; died in Lake Charles, LA. He and Carole McLaughlin had three children:

Kimberly Suzanne McLaughlin (1952- ) m. David Evert
Thomas David Evert (1990- )
Sean Kristopher McLaughlin (1964- ) m. Lisa Marie Usher
Hayden Pierre Usher McLaughlin (2003- )
Trevor Jacques Etienne McLaughlin (2005- )
Juliette Claire McLaughlin (2007- )
Michael Dru McLaughlin (1966- ) m. Amy Andrus
Colin Dru McLaughlin (1998- )

James Francis McLaughlin (1892-1949) m. Marion McMahon (1905-1971). Despite his given name, he was known as Frank J. McLaughlin and is so identified on his tombstone. Like his brother Cornelius, Frank McLaughlin graduated from Cornell University as an engineering major.

Earl Flynn McLaughlin (1895-1968) m. Clara Killian (1902-1989). Earl F. McLaughlin was a World War I veteran and a Syracuse fireman. Clara Killian and Earl Flynn McLaughlin had three children:

Anne Margaret McLaughlin (1927-2001) m. Robert Ernest Frank (1924-2004)

Jeanne Marie Frank m. Tom Passarelli
Andrea Jeanne Passarelli
Lauren Marie Passarelli
Mary Clare Frank m. Doug Springer
Patricia Anne Frank m. John Staerker
Theresa Rose Staerker
Emily Rose Staerker
Anne-Jeanne Rose Staerker
Robert William Frank

William J. McLaughlin (1930-2018 ) m. Elisabeth G. Schwab. William J. McLaughlin is a graduate of Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse and of Syracuse University and a retired chemical engineer for Mobil Oil.

William J. McLaughlin Jr. (1953- ) m. Linda Bellows
Ryan Michael McLaughlin (1983- )
Kristin Ann McLaughlin (1987- ) m. Mathew Klinefelter
Madison Reiss Klinefelter (2017- )
Christopher Klinefelter (2019- )
William J. McLaughlin Jr. remarried, to Carrie Johnson
Gavin John McLaughlin (2003- )
Jared William McLaughlin (2005- )
Daniel McLaughlin m. Helen ??
Caroline (Lynn) McLaughlin m. John Petroski
Edward McLaughlin m. Brandi Harlow
Nicholas McLaughlin.
William J. McLaughlin (1930- ) remarried, to Patricia Flynn (1946- )
Rebecca Marie "Becky" McLaughlin (1982- )
Michael Francis McLaughlin (1987- )
Mary T. McLaughlin (1935-1981)

William J. McLaughlin (1898-1921) m. Florence Herschfield. They had one daughter:

Cornelia McLaughlin (1918-1996) m. William F. Hofmann Jr. (1916-1991)
William Frederick Hofmann III (1943- ) m. Marilyn Lee Brainard
Heidi Hofmann (1973- )
Kirsten "Kristy" Hofmann (1978- )
Stephen Cornelius Hoffman (1948) m. Kelly Marie Tynan (1961)

Margaret McLaughlin (1900-1985). Like her sister, Mary, Margaret McLaughlin was a teacher at Bellevue School in Syracuse.


2. John N. McLaughlin (1863-1910) married Annie Keenan (1867-1921). His obituary (below) was my first indication other children of Neal McLaughlin had come to America.

Skaneateles Press, July 29, 1910
John N. McLaughlin died at his home at Skaneateles Falls shortly after 1 o’clock, July 27, 1910 in the 45th year of his age. About three weeks ago Mr. McLaughlin went to St. Joseph’s Hospital, Syracuse, for treatment, returning about 10 days ago. His death was caused by a blood clot on the brain.

Deceased was born August 1, 1863 in Linsfort, Ireland, and came to this town when 20 years of age, finding employment in the Glenside woolen mills, of late years being in charge of the press room. He was an industrious man and a kind husband, accommodating neighbor and a good citizen. He was a member of Branch 100, CMBA of Skaneateles Falls.

He leaves surviving his wife, formerly Miss Annie Keenan, his aged parents Mr. and Mrs. Neal McLaughlin of Linsfort, Ireland; three brothers, William McLaughlin and Edward McLaughlin of this town, and Neal McLaughlin of Linsfort, Ireland, and three sisters, Mrs. Joseph Kershaw and Mrs. Thomas Carrigan of this town, and Mrs. O’Keefe of Chicago.

3. Cornelius "Neal" McLaughlin remained in Linsfort, Ireland.

4. Mary McLaughlin (1868-1914) m. Thomas Carrigan (1860-1918)

Syracuse Journal, January 26, 1914
Mrs. Mary McLaughlin Carrigan, 45, died at her home, 309 Delaware st., at 1 o’clock this morning after an illness of several months.

Besides her husband, Thomas Carrigan, she leave six daughters, Mrs. Margaret (Benjamin) Tyler and the Misses Mary, Genevieve, Catherine, Anna and Helen Carrigan; three sons, Charles, Thomas and William Carrigan, all of Syracuse.

She is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. Joseph Kershaw of this city and Mrs. Margaret O’Keefe of Chicago; three brothers, William of Syracuse, Edward of Skaneateles and Cornelius McLaughlin of Ireland.

Skaneateles Press, April 9 1918
Thomas Carrigan, a former resident of this town and a son of the late P. C. Carrigan of Skaneateles Falls, died Friday, April 3, 1918, at the home of his sister, Mrs. H. N. Houser at North Lansing, NY, aged 58 years.

Mr. Carrigan had been in failing health for three years and during the past year had made his home with his sister, who cared for him through his last illness.

He is survived by six daughters and three sons – Mrs. Conrad Homeyer, Mrs. Margaret Tyler, Mrs. Genevieve (Harry) Taylor, Mrs. Catherine (Edward) Keefe, Misses Anna and Helen Carrigan, Charles P. and William Carrigan, all of Syracuse, and Thomas Carrigan of Camp Dix.

Mary McLaughlin married Thomas Carrigan(1860-1918), son of one of Skaneateles' most interesting characters, Patrick C. Carrigan, the self-anointed "Irish lord." Mary McLaughlin and Thomas Carrigan had nine children:

Mary Carrigan (1886-) m. Conrad Homeyer Jr. (1886- )

Frederick G. Homeyer (1917-2010) m. Mary Louise Lynch (1922-2001)
Thomas F. Homeyer, Tully, NY
Michael J. Homeyer, Skaneateles, NY
Richard G. Homeyer, Camillus, NY
Margaret M. Homeyer (1925-1999) m. Clarence H. Snow
Larry H. Snow, Richford, NY
Bill C. Snow, Homer, NY

Charles Carrigan (1887- ) m. Grace ?? (1887-1972). Child:

Eloise B. Carrigan (1917-2011) was a Syracuse school teacher.

Margaret Carrigan (1888-1981) m. Benjamin Tyler (1885-1918) Tyier was born in Yorkshire, England.

Genevieve "Jennie" Carrigan (1890-1966) m. Harry Albert Taylor (1892- ). They had three children:

Thomas H. Taylor (1918-1986), Syracuse

Robert C. Taylor (1923-1994) m. Catherine Ellen Gibbons (1924-2010). They lived in Skaneateles. A Marine Corps veteran of World War II and a graduate of Notre Dame, Taylor was owner of Skaneateles Paint Manufacturing Company and former owner of Syracuse Paint and Varnish Company.

Catherine Taylor received both her bachelor's and master's degrees from Syracuse University and taught English and Spanish at the Skaneateles Central Schools before she left to raise a family. Later she was active in several volunteer activities and in 1992 was awarded the Seniors of Skaneateles Achievement Award.

They had ten children:

Theresa T. "Terri" Taylor m. Bill Wright
Timothy M. Taylor m. Carol ??, Bernardsville, NJ
Eileen Taylor m. Peter L. Duttweiler (1942-2010), Syracuse
Daniel V. Taylor m. Ginny ??, Fairport, NY
Thomas E. Taylor m. Mindy ??, Baldwinsville, NY
Vincent M. Taylor m. Beth ??, Warwick, RI
Catherine T. Taylor m. Jeff Youle, Darien, CT
Mary E. Taylor m. Eric Falter, Fairport, NY
Marnie L. Taylor m. Jeff Gage
Patrick C. Taylor
Donald J. Taylor (1933- ), Chittenango.

Katherine Carrigan (1893- ) m. Edward P. Keefe (1886- )

Marion Keefe (1918-1996) m. John H. Sawyer (1919-1987). He was a veteran of the Navy in World War II and an employee of Rollway Bearing for 40 years, retiring in 1982.

Sharon Sawyer, married Carl Impellizzieri.
John Edward Keefe (1919- )

Thomas Carrigan (1895-1923) was a Syracuse fireman who was killed while on duty. While attempting to put out a fire at the Thatcher Process Company he came in contact with a live trolley wire and was electrocuted. Story below.

Anna Carrigan (1897-1930) m. Frank Salen. Daughter:

Beverly J. Salen (1928-2010) was a graduate of Nazareth College and retired in 1984 after 35 years as a supervisor with New York Telephone Company.

William J. Carrigan (1899- ) m. Rose Kaffer (1899- ) He was a Syracuse fireman. (Fire-fighting story, below.)

William J. Carrigan Jr. (1932-2004) m. Kathryn ??, Reedsburg, WI
William J. Carrigan m. Kimberly ??, Huntington Beach, CA;
Peter Carrigan m. Nancy ??, Crested Butte, CO
Thomas E. Carrigan m. Kimberly ??, Madison, WI
Kathryn Carrigan m. Ford Blackwell; Madison, WI
Patrick M. Carrigan m. Melissa ??, Reedsburg, WI

Helen Carrigan (1903- ) m. Leo F. Brennan (1898- )

Mary Catherine Brennan (1940- )
5. Bridget McLaughlin (1872- ) married Joseph Kershaw (1874- ) in Skaneateles. She was born in Ireland, he in England.
6. Mrs. Margaret O'Keefe of Chicago is mentioned as a survivor in a family obituary.

7. Edward McLaughlin (1877-1932) married Mary Ellen McLaughlin (1881-1922)

Edward McLaughlin, who married Mary Ellen McLaughlin was born in Ireland. Sometime, either shortly before his wife's death or shortly afterward, Edward and his children moved from Skaneateles to Syracuse.

It's confusing when people with the same last names are married, doubly so in this case because Mary Ellen McLaughlin's husband and her father were both named Edward McLaughlin.

Her father also was born in Ireland. After arriving in the United States and settling down in Skaneateles, this Edward McLaughlin married Catherine "Kate" Nolan of nearby Otisco, New York. Catherine Nolan's parents were both born in Ireland.

"Kate" Nolan and Edward McLaughlin had four children. In addition to Mary Ellen, those children were John Edward McLaughlin (better known as J. Edward, who became a Skaneateles lawyer), Margaret McLaughlin (who married William Maloney), and Catherine McLaughlin (who married Martin Kennedy).

Skaneateles Press, October 6, 1922
Mrs. Mary McLaughlin, wife of Edward McLaughlin of Skaneateles, died Sunday, October 1, 1922, at the Onondaga sanitarium where she had been for treatment for several months past. She was the daughter of Mrs. Catherine McLaughlin and the late Edward McLaughlin, was born in Skaneateles and always lived in this town. She was a graduate of Skaneateles High school training class. She was an affectionate wife and mother.

Besides her husband, Mrs. McLaughlin is survived by three sons, Dermott, Quinton and Ambrose McLaughlin; three daughters, Veronica, Rachel and Zeta; her mother, Mrs. Catherine McLaughlin; a brother, J. Edward McLaughlin, all of Skaneateles, and two sisters, Mrs William A. Maloney of Syracuse and Mrs. Martin Kennedy of Memphis, N.Y.

Funeral services were held at St. Mary’s Church, Skaneateles. Burial in St. Mary’s cemetery.

Mary Ellen and Edward McLaughlin had six children::

Dermot McLaughlin (1910- ) The 1940 U.S. Census had Dermot McLaughlin married and living in Syracuse, but he and his wife apparently were separated at the time.

Veronica McLaughlin (1911-1928)

Rachel McLaughlin (1913-1989) m. Albert E. Boyer (d. 1970)

Mary Ellen Boyer lives in Ohio (2014)
Louise Boyer m. Joseph Galeo. They live in Michigan (2014)

Quentin McLaughlin (1915- ) In 1940 he was in the Army, stationed at Fort Clayton in the Panama Canal Zone. In 1989 he was living in Killeen, Texas.

Ambrose McLaughlin (1912- ) m. Grace Connelly [divorced] In 1959-1960, when three of their children were married in the Syracuse area, Grace McLaughlin, who later remarried to John Zopfi, was living in Cedarville and Brewerton; Ambrose McLaughlin was living in Detroit. In 1989, when his sister Rachel McLaughlin Boyer died, Ambrose was living in South Bend, Indiana.

John Edward McLaughlin (1939- ) (twin) m. Sharon Ann Tubbert. 2nd wife: Donna ?? of Hastings, NY
Howard T. McLaughlin (1939- ) (twin) m. Barbara Lathrop. Apparently remarried to Mary O'Hara of Cicero, NY.
Marygrace Zita McLaughlin m. Charles James Blair
Margaret McLaughlin (1945-2011) m. Milton "Mickey" Bisha. (Her obituary, below)
Kathleen McLaughlin m. Martin Zuckerman

Zita McLaughlin (1917-2014). She became Sister Mary Zita. Obituary below.


Syracuse Journal, September 22, 1926
Her child escaping narrowly being crushed, and herself battered by flying glass and iron, Mrs. Cornelius D. McLaughlin, French World War heroine, believes the ramming of her ship, La Savoie, by an English liner last week more fearful than the war.

Mrs. McLaughlin, formerly Suzanne Cecile Fauvet, wounded at Chateau Thierry where she was a nurse, and decorated with the Croix de Guerre and five other medals, came to Syracuse Tuesday night to visit her husband’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. William McLaughlin, 1031 South Geddes Street.

Jean William, her 2-1/2-year-old son, accompanied her, none the worse for his narrow escape from death aboard the ship on their three-months’ visit to Mrs. McLaughlin’s family in France.

“It was a terrible thing,” Mrs. McLaughlin told The Journal representative Wednesday morning.

“My little Jean was asleep in the stateroom when the crash caused by the fog and the fast rate of speed of the Medomaley, the English ship which rammed us last week.

“When I staggered, cut and bleeding from flying glass, to find him, there he lay, surrounded by broken things and with a crushed wall just below him.

“A piece of the heavy iron rail of the Medomaley had struck te wall two inches from his little feet as he lay in bed, and had torn the wall to bits. He wasn’t harmed a bit, though.”

To Mrs. McLaughlin, one of the funny things after the wreck had occurred was that most of the passengers on La Savoie were dressed for a masquerade party when the crash came.

“We would have made a strange group of castaways,” she said.

“I was in the thick of the French defense of Cheateu Thierry,” she said, “and helped to capture and bring in six German prisoners, and received a shrapnel wound in my leg from which I still carry a piece of steel.

“It wasn’t half as bad as this accident at sea, though. On land there was always something to be done, but at sea one has no way to turn.”

After the accident it was necessary to strap the baby in his bed to keep him from falling out because of the listing of the steamship, Mrs. McLaughlin said.

After visiting the family here, Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin and their two children will return to Dayton, Ohio, where Mrs. McLaughlin conductxs a school specializing in French instruction. She is a graduate of several French universities and studied pedagogy in Paris this summer.

In addition to her Croix de Guerre with Palms, Mrs. McLaughlin has the Distringuished Service medal and the Medaille de la Reconnaissance Francais.


Syracuse Journal, August 27, 1923
Burned and seared and knocked senseless when he came in contact with a high tension wire while fighting a $300 fire at the plant of the Thatcher Process Company in Tracy Street on the night of May 5, Charles R. Martin, ladder-man of Hook and Ladder Company No. 3, has filed suit to recovered $20,000 against the New York State Railways.

Thomas Carrigan, ladder-man of the same company, who came in contact with the wire, was instantly killed, Martin witnessing the electrocution of his mate.

The men were working on the roof of the factory fighting the fire and had no knowledge that the high tension feeding wire was near them. In the darkness they were unable to see it until Carrigan struck it and was killed, and Martin, who received a lighter shock, was knocked senseless. Martin alleged the railway company failed to turn off the current after receiving notice of the fire.

A suit for $25,000 damages for the death of ladder-man Carrigan was filed some time ago by Mrs. Margaret Tyler, a sister.


Syracuse Journal, August 22, 1932
Thick smoke fumes which filled the New Jefferson Garage, 347 West Jefferson Street, during a fire which swept the storeroom in the structure Sunday afternoon felled two firemen and made several others ill before the flames were extinguished.

The two firemen who were overcome, William J. Carrigan, 248 Dale Street, and Leon S. Dixon, 508 Tompkins Street, were both taken to their homes after they staggered out of the building and collapsed on the sidewalk. Both were reported out of danger Monday.

Several other firemen who were made ill by the fumes were revived shortly after they were assisted into the open air. They were able to return to their duties a short time later.

The fire, originating in the shelves of the storeroom in a small wing attached to the one-story structure, burned stubbornly for an hour before the flames were quelled. Firemen were forced to carry hose lines the full length of the long garage before they were able to reach the center of the blaze.

The fire was discovered by a woman passerby who rushed into the garage to notify Calvin F. Taylor, manager for the day. Taylor, who had been using the telephone, had not noticed the flames. He immediately turned in an alarm and men from the various downtown companies under District Chiefs Yeomans and Eckel responded.


Margaret McLaughlin "Mickey" Bisha lived in Hastings, NY, and was a well-known dog obedience teacher. She also drove a school bus for the Central Square (NY) schools.

The obituary in the Oswego County Weeklies (August 31, 2011) listed her survivors this way:

Her husband Milton ‘Micky’ Bisha, her daughters, Lori Harrig; Cynthia Harrig and Brenda (Greg) Vogt; her step children Suzanne (Tim) Powers, Mark (Karen) Bisha and Sarah (Ken) Crary.

Sisters Mary Grace Blair, Kathleen Zuckerman, Louise (Joe) Galea and Maryellen Boyer; brothers John (Donna) McLaughlin; and Howard (Mary) McLaughlin; grandchildren Amanda, Douglas and Dustin Tobin; Tanya (Jamie) Jackson; Joshua and Zachary Vogt; Nicholas Powers; and Autumn and Michael Crary; her great- grandchildren Isabella and Tyler; and many nieces and nephews.


Daniel Keenan Funeral Home (Albany, NY) website:

MENANDS, NY — Sister Mary Zita McLaughlin, D. C. 96, died Monday, January 27, 2014 at St. Louise House. Born in Skaneateles, N.Y., on October 30, 1917, Sister Mary Zita was one of six children born to Edward Neal and Mary Ellen (McLaughlin) McLaughlin.

She joined the Community of Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul in October of 1935. She celebrated 78 years as a Daughter of Charity in 2013.

Sister Mary Zita graduated from the University of Detroit with a degree in Philosophy in 1947; she completed her Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Early in her ministry, Sister Mary Zita served at St. Vincent’s Maternity and Infant Home in Philadelphia, Penn., St. Vincent’s Home in Detroit, Mich., St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Home in Farmington Hills, Mich., St. Ann’s Infant Home in Washington, D.C., and Marillac Hall in Farmington Hills.

In 1958, she was missioned to Astor Home in Rhinebeck, N.Y.; she then served at Catholic Charities in New York, N.Y. In 1968, Sister Mary Zita began her 17 years as a Foreign Missionary in South America first serving in Santa Cruz, Trinidad and then in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Upon returning to the United States in 1985, Sister Mary Zita served at St. John’s Parish Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. (1985 to 1986) in Parish Outreach ; Good Samaritan Hospital in Pottsville, Penn., (1986 to 1991) as a Pastoral Care Assistant; and Sisters Hospital in Buffalo, N.Y. (1991 to 2004) as a Receptionist. In 2004 Sister joined the Ministry of Prayer at St. Louise House in Albany and served there until the time of her death.

Sister Mary Zita is survived by her nephews, John and his wife Donna of Parish, N.Y. and Howard and his wife Mary O’Hara of Syracuse, N.Y.; nieces, Mary Grace Blair and Kathleen Zuckerman both of Florida, Mary Ellen Boyer of Ohio and Louise Galeo and her husband Joseph of Michigan; and her Sisters in Community.

She is buried at St. Agnes Cemetery, Menands.