Celebrities are asked the same questions over and over and over. As one whose job had me asking questions, I met several celebrities. Most, bless 'em, handled the questions with patience and grace, others turned the Q&A session into a game (often telling imaginative lies with a straight face), while a few simply said, "That's a stupid question!" Here, for better or worse, are recollections of many interviews, some of which were over almost before they began:
Pearl Bailey
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Gypsy Rose Lee
Della Reese
Barbra Streisand
Betty White
Dana Andrews
Richard Crenna
Buddy Ebsen
Ricardo Montalban
Dennis O'Keefe
Robert Ryan
Don Adams
George Burns
Bill Dana
Jack Elam
Dave Ketchum
Sue Ane Langdon
Phyllis Diller
Jackie Gleason
George Gobel
Frank Gorshin
Jackie Mason
Soupy Sales
James Drury
Eric Fleming
Jack Kelly
George Montgomery
Hugh O'Brian
Clint Walker
Milburn Stone
Ken Curtis
Bill Bixby
Ray Walston
John Astin
Marty Ingels
Dan Blocker
Lorne Greene
Michael Landon

Peggy Fleming
Dorothy Hamill
Janet Lynn
Michael Callan
Patricia Harty
George Maharis
Martin Milner
Harriet Nelson
Ozzie Nelson
Herb Alpert
Nat Cole
Petula Clark
Bobby Darin
Jack Jones
Gene Pitney
Frankie Avalon
Annette Funicello
Bobby Rydell
Ray Milland
Ali MacGraw
Ryan O'Neal
Bob Denver
Jim Backus
Lola Albright
Jack Carson
Bob Crane
Bill Cosby
Diana Ross and Supremes
The Three Stooges
Dick Van Dyke
Mary Tyler Moore
Richard Deacon
Carl Reiner
Jerry Van Dyke
Sheldon Leonard
Joseph Cotten
Raymond Massey
Martha Raye
Pat Woodell
Jeannine Riley
Linda Kaye Henning
Pat Carroll
Pat Finley
Pat Harrington Jr.
Pat O'Brien
Pat Paulsen
Diana Dors
Joey Heatherton
Jayne Mansfield
Steve Allen
Dick Cavett
Merv Griffin
Ed McMahon
Allyson Ames
Barbara Anderson
Cheryl Holdridge
Irene Ryan
Deborah Shelton
Raquel Welch

Barbara Barrie
Theodore Bikel
Richard Chamberlain
Leslie Charleson
Dabney Coleman
Wally Cox
Richard Egan
Linda Evans
Peter Fonda
Anthony Franciosa
Beverly Garland
Ben Gazzara
Nancy Olson
Barbara Rush
Henry Silva
Julia Sommars
Robert Vaughn
Henry Winkler
Nick Adams
Robert Conrad
Sammy Davis
Patty Duke
Mark Harmon
Andy Williams
Andy Griffith
Robert Loggia
Jack Lord
Joanna Moore
Denise Nicholas
Susan Oliver