Buster Major: athlete, prankster, mayor >

Mickey Major's crime? Playing baseball
Adversity met its match in Oel Johnson
This McLaughlin disappeared for 19 years
Tony Kane's fatal voyage
Their secret to success? Teasels!
Group photo above: Major family 1931 reunion.

< No wonder I couldn't sleep

Russet Lane: Center of our universe

Finding paradise at Sandy Pond

Power failures make strange bedfellows
We didn't need computer games
A lot of us could relate to Ralphie

Photo of man and automobile, above. That's Edward Smolinski in 1932, posing with his Oakland auto, probably a 1929 model. The Oakland was a General Motors automobile. The line was discontinued in 1932.

Dora Hazard shaped the village >

It was our version of 'The Blob'
Shoot-out near St. Cecilia's Church
Old West comes to Split Rock
Limestone by the bucketful
Unsolved murder on Montrose

< Mary Tyler Moore: Weakest link? Hardly

Dick Van Dyke: Had help from 'Hillbillies'
Betty White: She was just getting started
Jack Lord: If at first you don't succeed ...
Barbra Streisand: Not talkative
Sammy Davis: His TV show was DOA

Donald Trump, the BS king >

Cassie Chadwick: Hypnotic crook
Pop culture and baseball nicknames
Ruth Judd: She was guilty
Divorce couldn't get any nastier
College football foolishness