Names were included in the attachment when Charlie Major sent this photo, taken in 1931. You'll notice there are more people in the picture than names. Not pictured, apparently, are the two people responsible for this gathering, Anna Loretta McGinn and Floyd "Blackie" Major. From the way the people are dressed in the picture, it might well have been taken on the day Anna (or Anne) McGuinn and Floyd Major were married.

Head of the group of Majors present are Thomas Major (standing, second from the right) and his wife, Lucinda McCarthy Major (identified as Mrs. Major, standing, center). Their son, Sarto (standing, second from left) is with his wife, the former Jane Hourigan. The women identified as Laura and Nellie are his sisters. Marie, standing between Laura and Nelle, must be Marie Anna MacBeth,, wife of John E. Major, kneeling and holdinging their daughter, Marie.

Others pictured include Anna Curtin, who was or would become the wife of Charlie Major. Clara likely is Clara Westlake, who was or would become the wife of Lloyd Major, Floyd's twin brother.

Mrs. McGinn (standing, far left) must be Mary King McGinn, widow of Patrick McGinn, who died in 1929, and mother of the bride. My guess is that Margaret McGinn (standing next to Mrs. Major) is the wife of Joe McGinn (kneeling, center). I also believe he was born James Joseph McGinn, but was better known by his middle name. He was a brother of Anna (or Anne), who married Floyd Major. Another brother was George McGinn (kneeling, left). The two girls in the photo were identified as his daughters, Helen Rita (better known at the times by her middle name) and Margaret "Peggy" (aka Peg) McGinn. The girl and the two boys on the grass are unidentified, but could be children of Joe McGinn — Mary and (pick two) Fred, Jack or Joe Jr.

That leaves Jimmie and Paul, both relatively camera shy, in the back. They are members of the McGinn family, I am certain, likely cousins of Mrs. Floyd Major.

If anyone can help, please contact me.

The McGinns

When cousin Charlie Major sent me the above photograph, it reminded me there were two marriages between members of the Major and the McGinn families of Skaneateles. This prompted me to put together an admittedly incomplete McGinn family tree in order to better identify the women who married John J. Major and Floyd Major.

Near as I can tell, both were descendants of John McGinn (1821-1891) m. Ann Riley (1834-1908). [I found one article that identified her as Katherine O'Reilly.]

Both were born in County Meath, Ireland, and left for America in 1854, settling in Skaneateles Falls, New York, and remaining in the vicinity thereafter. When Mrs. McGinn died in 1908 her obituary said she was survived by 43 grandchildren.

Interesting, one of the descendants, William H. McGinn, returned to Ireland in the 1970s as owner of a castle in Mallow.

Children of John McGinn and Ann Riley:

1. James McGinn (1856-1898) m. Mary Frances Doyle (1857-1939).

John T. McGinn (1886-1975) m. Veronica "Vera" Foran (1893-1956). Born in Skaneateles, John T. McGinn lived in Auburn for 73 years. He was a painting contractor, associated with his brothers James in the firm of McGinn Brothers and Doyle's Paint Store in Auburn at 30 Clark Street.

Vera M. McGinn (1917-1980) m. Frederick J. Simmons
David J. Simmons, Woodhaven, MI
Valerie Simmons
Bethany Simmons.

Marie McGinn (1888-1938) m. Joseph Bek (1888-1950) Home: Auburn, NY.

Anne B. McGinn (1890-1977)

Theodore L. McGinn (1892- ) m. Frances K. Whalen (d. 1944)

Theodore L. McGinn Jr.

James V. McGinn (1894-1957) m. Emma Vandenberg (1895-1965). They owned McGinn Brothers and Doyle Paint Store in Auburn.

Paul L. McGinn (1924-1997) m. Carolyn (1927-1967). He was an Auburn fireman.
James V. McGinn Jr. (1927-1978) m. Joyce Claus
Nancy McGinn
David McGinn.

Catherine McGinn (1896-1967) m. Henry C. Jaeckle (1894-1940).

Patricia Jaeckle (1 922-2003) m. Francis Tenity. Home: Auburn, NY
William H. Tenity
Thomas J. Tenity m.Kathy
Margaret "Peg" Jaeckle (1925-1998) m. Alex J. "Bud" Wylie, Camillus.
A. John Wylie, Onondaga Hill (1998- )
James H. Wylie, Penfield, NY (1998- )
William H. Jaeckle (1926- )
Sister Mary Jaeckle
2. Patrick McGinn (1857-1929) m. Mary King (1859-1943) They lived in section of town of Skaneateles called Hart Lot. He worked at the Glenside Woolen Mills in Skaneateles Falls, and in 1925, at the age of 68, suffered severe injuries to a hand that was accidentally drawn into a machine he was operating. The news story says doctors treated the hand, but stated there was a possibility it would have to be amputated.

John F. McGinn (1886-1920)

James Joseph McGinn (1887-1941) m. Margaret Daley (1894- ), Rochester.

Mary McGinn (1917- ) m. Edward Bohnke
Fred McGinn (1919- )
Jack McGinn (1920- )
Joseph McGinn Jr. (1923- )
Joyce McGinn (1934- )

Catherine McGinn (1890-1932) m. James O'Connor [or Connors]

Mary Jane O'Connor
Margaret Ann O'Connor

Frederick L. McGinn (1892-1940)

George E. McGinn (1894-1965) m. Loretta LaMore (1900-1994) She was postmistress for the Hart Lot Post Office. A World War 1 veteran, George McGinn worked more than 20 years for New York Central Railroad, retiring in 1961.

Margaret "Peggie" McGinn (1923-2011) m. James "Jim" Walsh (d. 2017)
Anne Walsh (Sheaffer) (1952) (divorced)
Jesssica (Luke) Davis (1977)
Carter Davis (2014)
Tucker Davis (2016)
Michael Sheaffer (1979)
Sean Sheaffer (1984)
Mary "Kim" Walsh (1954) m. Robert "Bob" Pine
Ryan Pine (1982) m. Amy
Hadley Pine (2012)
Ryan Pine (2014)
Emerson Pine (2016)
Jameson Pine (1985)
Taylor Pine (1988)
Chelsea (1988)
Jack (2017)
Margaret "Meg" Walsh (1956)
William George "Bill" Walsh (1958) m. Lori
Melissa Walsh (1988) m. Stephen Parker
Kelsey Walsh (1991) m. Xander Haglund
Brandon Walsh (1999)
Ciara Walsh (2000)
Amy Walsh (1967)
Helen Rita McGinn (1927-2013) m. Jack Turner (1925-1996). She was born in Skaneateles Falls, graduated from Elbridge High School, worked 44 years for New York Telephone Company.
Daniel J. Turner m. Kim ???, Auburn, NY
Mark E. Turner m. Holly ??, Evansville, Indiana
Jill Turner m. Mark Malenick, Auburn
Mary Ellen Turner m. Tom Phillips, Auburn
Terri A. Turner m. Steven Johnson, Auburn
George Leo McGinn [usually called Leo] (1931-2012) m. Judy Morabito. McGinn was a highly decorated Army sergeant during the Korean War. He was employed 34 years at the Carrier Corporation in Syracuse.

Patti McGinn m. Bob Giannotta

Gregory Giannotta
Stephen Giannotta
Meghan Giannotta
Catherine McGinn m. Gary Leader Jr.
Gary Leader III
Jacob Leader
Julie McGinn
Timothy McGinn m. Marci
Gabrielle McGinn
Mitchell McGinn
Brian McGinn

Raymond E. McGinn (1897-1950) Died Christmas Day at the home of his sister, Anna Major.

Anna McGinn (1898-1976) m. Floyd Major.

Thomas Joseph Major (1933- ) m. Beverly Ann Straub (1933)
John Thomas Major (1955- ) m. Ruth Simmons
Michael Major
Michael James Major (1956- )
Mary Kay Major (1957- ) m. Gary Allen Hart (1957- )
Elizabeth Ann Hart (1982- )
Kevin Michael Hart (1983-)
Matthew Ryan Hart (1989- )
Teresa Anne "Terry" Major (1958- )
Margaret Ann Major (1960- )
Patricia Ann Major (1965- )

Patrick McGinn Jr. (1903- )


3. John J. McGinn (1858-1937) m. Sarah Paul (1860-1935).

Francis E. "Bunny" McGinn (1888-1942) m. Helen H. "Nell" Huxford (1886-1955)

Syracuse Herald-Journal, August 29, 1942
Frank E. McGinn of Hannum Street, Skaneateles, a member of the Reynolds Brokerage Company of that village, died early yesterday following a week's illness at University Hospital of the Good Shepherd. He was 53.

Mr. McGinn was born in Skaneateles on November 23, 1888, a son of John and Sarah Paul McGinn. He was for 18 years associated with the Tucker, Shotwell and McGinn hardware store until 1930, when he went into partnership in the brokerage business with Sinclair Reynolds.

Surviving are his wife, Helen Huxford McGinn; one daughter, Miss Betty McGinn, and three sisters, Miss Margaret McGinn and Miss Teresa McGinn of Skaneateles and Mrs. Raymond Keefe of Auburn.

Burial wlll be in St. Mary's Cemetery, Skaneateles.

William Huxford McGinn (1916-1998) m. Annette Lillian King (1920-2002). He was a long-time teacher and coach at Tupper Lake (NY) High School.

Michael McGinn (1945-2008) m. Judith Moore.

Syracuse Post-Standard, January 7, 2008
Michael McGinn, 63, died at his home in Skaneateles on Sunday, January 6, surrounded by his family. Michael was an officer in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War, commanding river boats on the Mekong River. He was later based in London, as principal briefer to the admiral of the Mediterranean fleet.

Michael's passion for politics began early and while president of the Young Democrats at his alma mater, Cornell, he proudly hosted Robert F. Kennedy during his bid for the Senate. He served the U.S. House of Representatives in several senior positions, including the committee on government operations and as staff director for the committee on veterans affairs. He later was deputy director of the presidential commission on federal paperwork. In the Carter administration, he worked in consumer affairs in the White House for a time.

Michael left Washington, DC, with his wife, Judith, to follow his dream to own a castle in Ireland. They lived in County Cork for almost 20 years, raising two sons.

He maintained friendships with a number of political leaders from the U.S. and Ireland throughout his life and was a fountain of stories from his extensive contacts, wide travels in Europe and Asia, and his adventurous lifestyle.

Michael is survived by his wife of 29 years, Judith (Moore), and two sons, Brendan Michael Moore and Seamus William Patrick.

A funeral Mass will be offered at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday in St. Mary's of the Lake Church, Skaneateles.

Brendan McGinn
Seamus McGinn
Patrick McGinn, Diamond Point, NY.
Kathryn McGinn
Anne McGinn (1955-1972)
Mary Elizabeth "Betty" McGinn (1918-1988). A graduate of Syracuse University, she was treasurer of the Lyric Circus Company in Skaneateles for several years.

Mary Teresa McGinn (1891-1980) Attended Oswego Normal (now Oswego State University) and graduated from Albany State; taught for 50 years at the Halsey School in Schenectady.

Margaret H. McGinn (1893-1969) She was a dietician and a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology.

Cecilia Regina McGinn (1904-1984) m. Raymond Keefe. Cecilia McGinn was Raymond Keef's second wife. They were married after the death of his first wife, Helen Dwyer Keefe in 1939, at the age of 39. [Thanks to Michael J. Keefe for the information.]

Martha Keefe (1941-1988) m. Joseph Skeet, Fairport, NY
Jane Keefe (1932-2002) m. Daniel Greenwood, Rochester
Raymond E. Keefe (1927-2009), Rochester
Michael J. Keefe (1942- ) m. Nancy Dellonte. Both were from Auburn, NY. After several work-related moves they settled in Lawrenceville, GA, near Atlanta. They have six children and 14 grandchildren. [Email from Michaell J. Keefe, 3/24/2015]

4. Michael McGinn (1862-1945) m. Mary Louise Brett (1865-1934).

Auburn Citizen-Advertiser, March 5, 1945
Michael McGinn, 83, died suddenly at his home in Skaneateles Falls shortly after midnight Monday. He had been about the house as usual until 9 o’clock Sunday evening when he complained of feeling ill. A physician was summoned, but was unable to do much for him.

Mr. McGinn was born in Skaneateles Falls and had always resided there. For a number of years he was foreman of the spinning room in Glenside Woolen Mills.

He is survived by two daughters, Miss Geraldine McGinn of Skaneateles Falls and Mrs. Daniel Scanlan of Rochester; one son, Paul of Skaneateles Falls; one sister, Mrs. Katherine Major of Rochester; two grandchildren, several nieces and nephews.

Services will be Wednesday morning at St. Mary’s-of-the-Lake Church, Skaneateles, with burial in St. Mary’s Cemetery.


Mary Geraldine McGinn (1901-1957)

Charles M. McGinn (1902-1927)

Syracuse Journal, June 21, 1927
Trooper Charles G. McGinn, 25, of Skaneateles Falls, succumbed in Faxton Hospital, Utical, to injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident in Remsen early Saturday. He had been unconscious for more than 48 hours before his death.

The trooper was injured when a motorcycle he was riding with a fellow trooper, Charles Short of Auburn, collided with a car backing from a driveway in the village of Remsen. The two troopers were answering an emergency call.

Trooper McGinn was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGinn of Skaneateles Falls. The trooper is survived besides his parents by a brother, Paul McGinn, and two sisters, Geraldine and Louise McGinn.

Syracuse Journal, June 24, 1927
An escort of 90 mounted troopers today attended the funeral in Skaneatseles of Trooper Charles McGinn, fatally injured in Remsen last Saturday in a motorcycle accident. Taps were sounded and a salute was fired at the grave in Lakeview Cemetery.

The escort accompanied the body from the home to the church and later to the cemetery. Capt. Stephen MacGrath, Lieutenants John Cosart and Joseph McCawn of Oneida Barrack, and troopers from the barrack at Oneida, Troy, Batavia, Fayetteville and North Syracuse were in the detail.

Troopers Guile, Spellacy, Dillon, Reilley, Whittier and Sergeant Kealey acted as bearers. A color guard headed the procession from the church to the grave.

Rev. Martin J. Tracey officiated at the solemn high mass of requiem which took place at 10 a.m. in St. Mary’s Church, Skaneateles. The procession then form and, with the measured tread of the funeral march, the former companions of the popular trooper marched to the grave at Lakeview.

Louise Anna McGinn (1904- ) m. Daniel Scanlon (1908- )

Mary B. Scanlon (1936- )
Daniel O. Scanlon (1939- )

Paul McGinn (1905-1967). He was assistant postmaster at the Skaneateles Falls Post Office.

Gertrude McGinn (1908-1925)

5. Bridget McGinn (1864- )
6. Francis McGinn (1866-1918 ) m. Eliza Slater. After his death she married James Gannon.

Harry McGinn (1891-1948) m. Margaret ?? . McGinn was born in Skaneateles Falls; the family moved to Syracuse in 1909. He was a conductor for New York Central Railroad. He died unexpectedly in Buffalo.

Marie McGinn (1895-d. before 1924)

Elizabeth McGinn (1897- ) m. Joseph Radford (1899- ), Solvay, NY.

Robert Radford (1919- )
Thomas Radford (1923- )
Elizabeth Radford (1931- )

Francis J. McGinn (1899-1924)

Teresa McGinn (1903-1987) m. Joseph Urschel

Charles Urschel (1924-1997) m. Elisabeth "Chris" Hepp
Richard Urschel (1933) m. Jane ??
Joseph Patrick Urschel (1938) m. Marcia Jane Marks

Earl McGinn (1908-1977), Yardley, Pennsylvania.

7. Catherine McGinn (1869- ) m. John J. Major (1872-1922).

Margaret Major (1896- )

8. Lawrence McGinn (1872-1942) m. Bridget Marren (18??-1957).

Skaneateles Press, January 30, 1942
Lawrence McGinn, an overseer at the Waterbury Felt Company and a lifelong resident of Skaneateles Falls, died Sunday morning (January 25, 1942) at his home.

Surviving are his wife, Bridget Marren McGinn; a brother, Michael McGinn of Skaneateles Falls; a sister, Mrs. John Major of Rochester, and several nieces and nephews.

The funeral was conducted Wednesday with a prayer in the late home followed by final rites in St. Mary’s of the Lake Church here. The Rev. Edward Kopp, assistant pastor, officiated, assisted by the Rev. Daniel C. Hartnett of Marcellus as deacon and the Rev. M. A. McMahon of Skaneateles subdeacon.

Burial was in St. Mary’s Cemetery. The bearers were Thomas Southern, George McLaughlin, George King, William Stinson, William Dillenbeck and Thomas Major.

9. Thomas E. McGinn (1875-1938) m. Loretta Oakley (1882-1966)

Helen E. McGinn (1909-1989) m. William A. Patrick (19??-1968). She was a bookkeeper for People's Ice Company.

Marian E. McGinn (1911-1999) m. Peter A. Reap (1912-1982). She graduated from St. Lucy's Academy in Syrcuse and worked for Kemper Insurance.

Lauretta Reap
Mary T. Reap
Kathleen Reap m. Howard Tipper, Baldwinsville
Peter J. Reap m. Rosalie ??
Peter Thomas Reap m. Renee Mitchell Bartlett
Patrick Reap m. Maureen Sagert
Meghan Reap
Shawn Reap