Stanley "Buster" Major: Athlete, prankster, politician
Helen Smolinski Major: Our mother, the navigator
Jack Major: Unique? Google doesn't think so

Mary Beth Major Chard:
As a child, she was never alone

Olinda Johnson Major: Cupid was a car thief
Jeffrey Stephen Major: Child psychology didn't work
Laura Suzanne Major: Watch out for the quiet ones
Meridith Johnson Major: She loves L. A.
Oel Johnson: Adversity mets its match

Stewart and
Ruth Donnan:

King and queen
of Donnan Farm

William Smolinski: He put us into the movies
Bimby and Bobby Smolinski: Anything you can do . . .
Jim Smolinski: He always had the last laugh
Tom Smolinski: He made it look easy

Liz Major: Family historian,, poet laureate
Wanda Smolinski Kaldowski: Maybe she WAS Gracie Allen
Alma Kaldowski Furcinito: The perfect talk show guest
Kathleen Nicholson Mullally Johnson: A face from the '40

Charles Major Sr.: Remarkable in many ways
Charles Major Jr.: The judge who puts out fires
Sister Mary Antonia: Beloved nune from Skaneateles
John C.. McLaughlin: Jordan lawyer and politician
Thomas Francis McLaughlin: The singing professor

Sarto Major: From deputy to Onondaga County sheriff
Mickey Major: Best known as a baseball player (below)
1931 Reunion: Descendants of Mary Anne and William Major.

In the news
God Struck Out
In 1913, Mickey Major and 17 others were arrested. Their crime? Playing baseball on Sunday. (Mickey's the man in the middle in the photo above.)
Tony Kane's last voyage
The bootlegging Kane could have been a character in "Boardwalk Empire."
Christmas tragedy
In December, 1929, Leo Major and six other teenagers crammed into a car to buy holiday decorations in Skaneateles for their school. Minutes later tragedy struck.
Missing brother found in Pennsylvania after 19 years
William McLaughlin, who disappeared from Skaneateles, NY, in 1891, was found in 1910 by his brother, James, in a hamlet in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania.
Adventurous job
Andrew Carrigan discovered that being a motorman on the electric railroad had its hazards.
Another James McLaughin
While there were several McLaughlin family members in Skaneateles, including two named James, it was a third James McLaughlin who may have been the most interesting, though it's only a guess to say he was related to the others.
It could have been much worse
It's a miracle only one Marcellus student was killed at the Kirkville train crossing.
Tragedy at Putnam's Crossing
Two lives were lost as the result of a spectacular, but perhaps inevitable train-car collision in Jordan, NY, in 1917.
Have teasels, will travel
Skaneateles farmers turned weeds into a thriving industry.
Charles J. Major (1837-1905)
John P. Major (1841-1914)
William James Major (1845-1905)

Charles J. Major was the first of these three brother to emigrate to the United States. He left home in 1860, settling in Skaneateles, NY. He married Margaret Mallon (1841-1888), a native of Liverpool, NY. They lived in Skaneateles Falls and had 12 children. Three are presented in greater detail on separate pages:

Thomas E. Major (1872-1957)
Charles P. Major (1874-1952)
Michael Major (1879-1962)

Among their siblings was Anne Major, who married an interesting entrepreneur named Michael J. O'Hara.


Thomas Edward Major married Lucinda Ellen McCarthy (1873-1947). They lived in Skaneateles and had ten children, three of whom died in infancy.Three of their children have their own pages:

Charles T. Major Sr. (1896-1962)
Sarto Cecil Major (1904-2001)
John E. Major (1905-1952)

There is a McGinn family tree because Anna McGinn was the first wife of Floyd Major.


William James Major married Mary Ann O'Neill Major (1845-1936) in 1865 in County Derry, Ireland, connecting the Majors and the famous O'Neill clan. Mary Ann was the daughter of William O'Neill and Katherine McErfane. Mary Ann and her siblings are included in our small O"Neill family tree.

William and Mary Major settled in Skaneateles Falls, New York, and had 10 children, three of whom have their own pages:

John W. Major (1869-1940)
Catherine "Kate" Major (1871-1934)
Patrick Major (1878-1956)

Viola "Lola" Major, a child of John W. and Rose McLaughlin Major, married a colorful character named Anthony Kane. I've assembled a partial Kane family tree.

Boleslaw (William) Smolinski (1884-19??)
Ignacy (James) Smolinski (1888-1967)
Joseph Smolinski (1891-1964)

These three brothers were from a family that lived in Kolno. As with the Majors, I do not know how many siblings remained in Europe.

Boleslaw Smolinski Jr. was born in Poland during his parents temporary return, but he grew up in Solvay, NY, and married Gertrude Maltby, which accounts for a Maltby family tree.

Also, there's a family tree for Peter Kaldowski, who married Wanda Smolinski, daughter of Boleslaw and Helen Smolinski.

Helen Smolinski married Stanley Major whose mother was a McLaughlin.

William McLaughlin Sr.(1793-1853)

He remained in Ireland, but several of his children emigrated to the United States. These children have their own pages:

Elizabeth McLaughlin (1817-1906)
James "40 Acres" McLaughlin (1821-1911)
Helen McLaughlin (1832-1922)
John McLaughlin (1832-1922)
Corneliius "Neal" McLaughlin (1833-1911)
William McLaughlin Jr. (1836-1909)

Three children of James "40 Acres" McLaughlin also have their separate pages

James McLaughlin Jr. (1849-1914)
Dennis R. McLaughlin (1851-1925)
Cornelius McLaughlin (1862-1943)

Three others are listed on the "40 Acres" page:

William McLaughlin (1853-1914)
John McLaughlin Sr. (1854-1934)
Margaret McLaughlin (1859-1910)

Two marriages connected my family with the Carrigans.