Donald Trump has no message

But he is the BS king

Too bad Christie
dropped out

Yours is the opinion
that matters

True crime shows are
annoyingly addictive

Buster Major: athlete,
prankster, mayor

Mickey Major's crime?
Playing baseball

Adversity met its match
in Oel Johnson

This McLaughlin disappeared
for 19 years

Tony Kane's fatal voyage

Their secret to success?
No wonder I couldn't sleep

Russet Lane: Center
of our universe

Finding paradise
at Sandy Pond

Power failures make
strange bedfellows

A lot of us could
relate to Ralphie

Salt potatoes
are in our DNA

We didn't need
computer games
It was our version of 'The Blob'

Shoot-out near St. Cecilia's

Old West comes to Split Rock

Unsolved murder on Montrose

Dora Hazard shaped the village

Limestone by the bucket

The Earl of Solvay

Uncle Sam needed them

An explosive era
Mary Tyler Moore: Weakest
link? Hardly
Dick Van Dyke: Had help
from 'Hillbillies'

Betty White: She was
just getting started

Jack Lord: If at first
you don't succeed ...

Barbara Streisand:
Not talkative

Sammy Davis: His
TV show was DOA

Pearl Bailey: An
entertainer and philosopher

Phyllis Diller: She
made up for lost time

They got their kicks
on "Route 66"

Cassie Chadwick: Hypnotic crook

Pop culture and baseball nicknames

Ruth Judd: She was guilty

Divorce couldn't
get any nastier

This Mother-in-law
was a monster

Playing golf was
his undoing

Baseball's original
home run king

Those who wonder why Nikki Haley seems determined to remain in the race for the Republican nomination for president may be overlooking an interesting gamble the former South Carolina governor is taking. It's a long-shot, to be sure, but perhaps not quite as unlikely as people think.

She has lost primary elections to front-runner Donald J. Trump, making people question her political savvy and her intelligence. After all, she seems to have no chance of being selected to run in November.

However, should Trump be convicted in one of his criminal trials and wind up in prison where he belongs, then who would Republicans choose to replace him? The second most popular Republican candidate, of course.

And Mrs. Haley has insured that she stands alone in second place, now that all other would-be candidates dropped out of the race. She also puts herself in the party's top position for 2028, regardless of what happens to Trump (unless he somehow should be elected president this fall, then become a dictator so he can remain in power for more than our constitution's allotted two terms; after all, he already has defied the constitition at least once).

SENDING Trump to prison would likely set off an angry response from his supporters, and it’s possible we could have another attempt at a coup, which finally might teach his followers a lesson they’ve resisted for several years: Donald J. Trump is a criminal, and perhaps the greatest threat this country has ever faced. He lies, he cheats, and has the gall to compare himself not only with Russian martyr Alexei Navalny, but with slaves from America’s past.

Yes, it may be wishful thinking on my part to believe our tortoise-paced justice system will put Trump in his place. But there is another way Nikki Haley may wind up as the Republican presidential candidate. This way involves one of those only-Trump-would-do-it scenarios.

Despite polls which a few weeks ago showed Trump ahead of President Joe Biden, and despite Biden’s low approval rating, I believe by September Biden will have a double-digit lead over Trump in any legitimate poll.

The message finally is getting out that despite what anyone may think about the effects of Biden’s age, the man has been an excellent president, the best we’ve had in many years.

THOSE WHO criticize Haley for remaining in the GOP race are ignoring something that may be significant — she is supported by more than twenty-five percent of the people who’ve taken the time to vote in primaries. And more than twenty-five percent of that number say they will not vote for Trump if he runs in November.

I’d estimate at least ten percent of all Republicans feel that way. If that’s true, you can subtract about seven million votes from the number Trump received in 2020, when the only suspicious result was that 74 million people were irresponsible enough to vote for the worst president in United States history.

Even if these seven million voters stay home in November, and Biden’s vote shrinks a little — he received 81 million votes in 2020 — this would be a landslide win for Democrats.

SO HOW do I see Haley as the GOP candidate? And what do I mean about an only-Trump-would-do-it scenario?

I’m sure Trump knew well in advance four years ago that he would be defeated, so weeks before the election, he began claiming it would be rigged. This gave him an excuse to claim later that he really wasn’t the loser, a lie he has maintained ever since.

What I see as a possibility this time around, is Trump’s realization that he has no chance of defeating a man he clearly doesn’t respect, so he’ll again start whining the election will be rigged in favor of his opponent.

Only this time he’ll withdraw from the race rather than lose, and insist, as he has done in regard to the 90-plus indictments against him, that he was singled out for prosecution, making him the most persecuted person in history. He'll say, "Why hold an election when the deep state won't let me win?"

SHOULD this happen — and I wouldn’t rule it out — Trump would proclaim himself president, and we'd have a short-lived revolution on our hands.

I put nothing past this sociopathic would-be dictator, who so admires Vladimir Putin. (Tucker Carlson prepared us for authoritarian rule by going to Russia to do a program on how much better things are in Moscow than they are in America.)

But the election would go on, with the GOP asking Nikki Haley to rescue her party. Maybe then Republicans would snap out of the trance that made them members of a strange cult. And maybe the cult leader finally will wind up behind bars.

In any event, Trump is a danger to the country no matter if he wins or loses, and even if he is sent to prison.

TRUMP'S January 6 coup was a crime worse than anything Richard Nixon ever did, yet when the Watergate scandal broke, Republicans did the right thing, and placed the country ahead of party allegiance. They would have voted to impeach Nixon, so the president resigned.

Since then, a new breed of Republican has emerged, and they remind me of goose-stepping Nazis who followed Adolf Hitler. While Hitler mesmerized his German audiences with his speeches, Trump perplexes his audiences because he is so addled that he is unable to complete even a simple sentence or stay on point for more than a few seconds.

Trump has been handled with kid gloves by most of the mainstream media, though some reporters and columnists jumped on him when, in a February speech, he appeared to refer to his wife, Melania, as “Mercedes.” However, it’s more likely that was an example of Trump’s inability to hold a thought. While he was thanking his wife, he became mentally distracted by something done by one of his team, a woman named Mercedes.

However, it disturbs me just as much that Trump’s remarks so often make no sense because his mouth doesn't communicate with his brain. Or perhaps Trump has an extreme case of short term memory loss, or he's too bored to pay attention to what he's saying.

He repeats lies and never acknowledges his mistakes. He recently said again that the price of gasoline is six dollars a gallon, which is nearly twice as much as the national average ($3.50). He says whales are dying because of power- generating windmills, and that people turn on their showers and no water comes out.

To me, what’s unbelievable and very discouraging is how many Americans fall for Trump’s lies and the pitiful way he tries to disguise his ignorance. (When asked by some right-wing religious zealots to cite his favorite passages from the Bible — supposedly Trump’s favorite book — he begged off, saying he’d rather not do that. It was obvious he knew nothing about the Bible — he’s probably never even opened one — but the zealots nodded as though they believed the answer they were given.)

And even if you’re not convinced Biden deserves to be rated one of our best presidents, and you’re concerned about his age (Trump is almost as old), I suggest voting for him for the same reason he probably won so convincingly in 2020 — he’s not Donald Trump.

In November, that would be Nikki Haley's greatest asset: She's not Donald Trump. But in attempting to win her party's nomination, , that's her greatest liability. But I much prefer to see her — or any other Republican who isn't named Trump — run for president.

But despite those commercials that say Haley would defeat Biden, she wouldn't stand a chance in November. Trouble with Haley is that while she may have perseverance, so far she hasn't said anything that qualifies her for the position. Of course, that didn't stop the last Republican who was elected president, albeit on a technicality known as the electoral college.