The name of this website refers to two families — the Majors and Smolinskis of Solvay, New York — linked in 1929 when Stanley "Buster" Major married Helen Smolinski. I mention that because some who have stumbled upon assume it's either devoted to an Army officer, Major Smolinski, or Major-Smolinski is a commercial enterprise.

Being mistaken for a business website is why I receive so many robo emails from web designers quick to point out flaws on my pages. These people want my business so they can improve my sales. If I were actually selling something, I might be interested. The most recent such email suggested I hire an SEO. I wasn't familiar with those initials, so I did what people do these days — I turned to Google, and learned SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or, as I interpreted it, needs a Search Engine Optimizer.

According to an unsolicited monthly report I receive from Google, about ten people visit this site every day, most searching for a celebrity in the Starstruck section where I've put stories I wrote while I worked the Akron Beacon-Journal and the Providence Journal. Frankly, I was surprised that many people read anything on this website.

A handful of people visit the Family Trees section, one of my first projects. My son, Jeffrey, created, and gave it to me as a gift, something to occupy my time during retirement. I intended to keep track of a rather small group of Majors and Smolinskis, and provide the kind of family tree you might expect from a fourth grader for a class project.

But when I published my first family tree, I soon realized how little I knew about my roots. I made a big mistake in the information I presented about my paternal grandmother, Rose McLaughlin Major. It was brought to my attention by Lisa McHugh Rigge, of Camillus, New York, herself a descendant of the McLaughlins who arrived from Ireland in the mid-19th century and settled in and around Skaneateles, New York.

Lisa's email prompted me to dig deeper. Without going into the various reasons, the result was a website larger and more varied than I'd envisioned. In 2021 I removed most of the pages that had nothing to do with my family or my hometown, but since I'm anything but consistent, I've revised many of those pages for a new section, "Mixed Bag." is what it is — something that provides busywork for a retiree who occasionally likes to vent, and sometimes stumbles upon a subject I find interesting. There is no rhyme or reason to the website, and, unfortunately, no products I can prompt you to add to an electronic shopping cart.