Those who wonder why Nikki Haley made such a long and futile attempt to become the Republican presidential nominee may get their answer later this year.

Her efforts won her only two presidential primaries, while Donald Trump won all the others, but Mrs. Haley received many votes from Republicans who said they'd never vote for Donald Trump, against any opponent.

Trump minimized Haley's showing, claiming she received a lot of votes from Democrats who crossed the line, as is allowed in these rather silly primaries, in hopes of derailing him.

A more popular view of the primaries is that Haley exploited a split in the Republican party, and that a significant percentage of Republicans either will stay home on election day or vote for Joe Biden. Mrs. Haley has hinted she might not support Trump in November. This, of course, could be a ploy.

IN ANY EVENT, Republicans find themselves in a position that a logical scenario would have Trump and Haley kissing and making up so that she is Trump's running mate this fall. Forget how ungracious Trump has been in victory, his criticism of Haley would go out the window if he is willing o acknowledges a need for Haley's supporters in November.

Her efforts in her in what appears to be a losing cause has made Haley the second best-known Republican in the country. And should Trump be convicted in one of his criminal trials and wind up in prison where he belongs, then who would Republicans choose to replace him? The second most popular Republican candidate, of course.

As the last challenger standing, Mrs. Haley has insured that she stands alone in second place. She also put herself in the party's top position for 2028, regardless of what happens to Trump (unless he somehow should be elected president this fall, then attempt to become a dictator in order to remain in power for more than our constitution's allotted two terms; after all, he already has defied the constitution at least once).

SENDING Trump to prison would likely set off an angry response from his supporters, and it’s possible we could have another attempt at a coup, which finally might teach his followers a lesson they’ve resisted for several years: Donald J. Trump is a criminal, and perhaps the greatest threat this country has ever faced. He lies, he cheats, and has the gall to compare himself not only with Russian martyr Alexei Navalny, but with slaves from America’s past. He is a candidate without principles or a platform, except for his intention to punish his perceived enemies, Republicans as well as Democrats.

Yes, it may be wishful thinking on my part to believe our tortoise-paced justice system will put Trump in his place, but I remain ever hopeful.

Despite polls which have shown Trump ahead of President Joe Biden, and despite Biden’s low approval rating, I believe by September Biden will have a double-digit lead over Trump in any legitimate poll.

The message finally is getting out that despite what anyone may think about the effects of Biden’s age, the man has been an excellent president, the best we’ve had in many years.

HISTORIANS already have recognized Biden as one of the country's best presidents ever, while rating Trump as the worst. If Democrats can succeed in getting this message to voters who are sitting on the fence, and if it's true that many Republicans strongly dislike Trump, and if Trump cultists finally are roused out of their trance, then the country will be spared another Trump administration.

I believe many Republicans think the best way to avoid Trump's defeat is to make Haley his running mate. I keep thinking Trump can't be as stupid as he appears, but if he continues to alienate Republicans who'd rather have Haley as their presidential candidate, he increases the chance of a humiliating defeat. But, then, he would never accept defeat.

Which is why I see another way Haley could wind up being drafted as the GOP candidate. This way is one of those only-Trump-would-do-it scenarios.

TRUMP MUST have known well in advance four years ago that he would be defeated, so weeks before the election, he began claiming it would be rigged. This gave him an excuse to declare later that he really wasn’t the loser, a lie he has maintained ever since.

I may be kidding myself about a Biden resurgence in the polls, but if I'm correct, Trump could again realize he has little chance of defeating a man he clearly doesn't respect, so once more he’ll whine the election will be rigged in favor of his opponent.

Only this time he’ll withdraw from the race rather than lose, and insist, as he has done in regard to the 90-plus indictments against him, that he was singled out for prosecution, making him the most persecuted person in history. He'll say, "Why hold an election when the deep state won't let me win?"

SHOULD this happen — and I wouldn’t rule it out — Trump would proclaim himself president, and we'd have a short-lived revolution on our hands. I put nothing past this sociopathic would-be dictator, who so admires Vladimir Putin.

In any event, the election would go on, with the GOP asking Nikki Haley to rescue her party.
Meanwhile, Trump remains a danger to the country no matter where he is.

Trump's January 6,, 2021 coup was a crime worse than anything Richard Nixon ever did, yet when the Watergate scandal broke, Republicans did the right thing, and placed the country ahead of party allegiance. Nixon knew Republicans would vote to impeach him, so the president resigned.

SINCE THEN, a new breed of Republican has emerged, and they remind me of Hitler's goose-stepping Nazis. While Hitler mesmerized his German audiences with his speeches, Trump perplexes his audiences because he is so addled that he is unable to complete even a simple sentence or stay on point for more than a few seconds. He has difficulty with multi-syllable words.

A large segment of Trump supporters is made up of self-proclaimed Christians who are decidedly un-Christian. Thus they line up behind as man who has no religion and who regularly violates most of the Ten Commandments. Like Trump, they believe in punishing those who disagree with them, and are willing to deny basic rights to those who are different.

Perhaps in an effort to seem impartial, the mainstream media has, in general, treated Trump with kid gloves, though some reporters and columnists jumped on him when, in a February speech, he appeared to refer to his wife, Melania, as “Mercedes.” However, it’s more likely this was an example of Trump’s inability to hold a thought. While thanking his wife, he became distracted by something done by one of his team, a woman named Mercedes.

HOWEVER, it's disturbing that Trump’s remarks so often make no sense because his mouth doesn't communicate with his brain. Or perhaps Trump has an extreme case of short term memory loss, or he's too bored to pay attention to what he's saying.

What’s unbelievable and very discouraging is how many Americans fall for Trump’s lies and the pitiful way he tries to disguise his ignorance. (When asked by some right-wing religious zealots to cite his favorite passages from the Bible — supposedly Trump’s favorite book — he begged off, saying he’d rather not do that. It was obvious he knew nothing about the Bible — he’s probably never even opened one — but the zealots nodded as though they believed the answer they were given.)

And even if you’re not convinced Biden deserves to be rated one of our best presidents, and you’re concerned about his age (Trump is almost as old), I suggest voting for him for the same reason he probably won so convincingly in 2020 — he’s not Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Republicans may have to turn to Nikki Haley should Trump's behavior finally make it obvious to everyone the man has no place in the White House. Once was enough.