It remains a disappointment that the so-called mainstream — or legacy — media continues to treat Donald Trump as though he is qualified to run for president, rather than go all Chicken Little on us and start screaming that the world is in imminent danger ... because it is.

Oh, I'm confident Joe Biden will win re-election, but my concern is Trump's refusal to accept the results. He lost by more than seven million votes in 2020, yet continued to claim that election was fraudulent and that he actually won ... in a landslide.

Unfortunately, there is one mainstream television network and a few ridiculous propaganda outlets that go along with Trump's big lie and all of his little ones. And there are more Trump lies than there are stars in the sky.

Every major television outlet except Fox is supposed to favor Biden, as do reporters who work for most newspapers. However, so far they are not giving Biden his do. The man has been a very good president. Excellent, in fact; just what we needed after Trump's inept performance in the White House and on the golf course a Mar -a-Largo.

Yet there is an undertone in much of the reporting even from legitimate sources that Biden and Trump are on equal footing, when Trump and his supporters should be called out as major threats to our country. Trump really doesn't want to make America great again; he wants to turn it into a Trump enterprise, and given his record, that could mean the end of the United States.

Recently Biden has swung into action, criticizing Trump and pointing out what a loser the man is. And on January 26, while checking my email account on AOL, I noticed one of the funniest headlines I've seen this year. It was for a CNN story and it said, "Biden needles Trump in hopes of pushing him off message."

Folks, Trump has no message, unless it's that okay to call each other names, the way he does all of his many enemies. Recently, he turned attention to his immediate opponent, Nikki Haley, dubbing her a "birdbrain" when he isn't mistaking her for Nancy Pelosi.

His other messages include wind turbines are dangerous to birds; people are forced to spend too much time flushing toilets, and once upon a time he passed a cognitive test, which he likens to getting perfect scores on the SATs (which years ago he paid someone to take for him).

He once praised our Revolutionary War army for taking control of the airports on their way to victory, and he recently warned us about the danger of "debanking," claiming somehow banks would withhold our money in order to deprive us of our right to choose. At least, that's what it sounded like, though most people couldn't make sense out of what he was saying. That happens a lot these days.

He thinks that water disables magnets and voter IDs are needed to buy bread, and that the noise of windmills causes cancer. He warned that Joe Biden might get us into World War Two, because Trump apparently believes the 1940s was a decade of peace for the United States. He thinks Stealth fighters are invisible planes, and that coal is now a clean fuel because after it is mined, it is scrubbed. And he has mentioned how parents are making sacrifices for the furniture of their children, and once criticized the New York Times for quoting "amonymous" sources.

And we know how well he can read — Yosemite becomes "Yo Semite" and Thailand comes out Thighland.

Trump still whines that he lost the 2020 election, and even when he won the New Hampshire primary, on cue, one of his most annoying worshipers, Marjorie Taylor Green, complained that Nikki Haley really didn't receive as many votes as was reported. Biden could defeat Trump by twenty million votes and receive seventy percent of the electoral votes in November, and that won't stop Trump from attempting another coup.

Meanwhile, many Republican office holders continue to drink the Kool-Aid. I now live in South Carolina where I am represented in Congress by Nancy Mace, who passed herself off as a moderate several months ago, but has since become comfortable licking Trump's boots. One of our senators, Lindsay Graham, is notoriously wishy-washy about Trump, and the other, poor Tim Scott, humiliated himself in New Hampshire by fawning over Trump ("I just love you"). I can't help but wonder what Trump has on him.

There's no stronger proof of the dumbing down of the United States than the emergency of Donald Trump. Shame on Nancy Mace; shame on Tim Scott, shame on anyone who supports a man who tried to overthrow our constitution early in 2021, and may well make another attempt next January.