It wouldn’t surprise me if the Disney Channel produced an animated version of HBO’s recently concluded “Succession.” It certainly would be appropriate ... since the bloated, four-season, 39-episode series about siblings vying for control of the family business empire was tailor-made for characters who’ve been on the Disney roster for decades, characters well-suited for a “dark comedy-drama” about rivalry and greed.

I put dark comedy-drama in quotes because that’s how “Succession” was often labeled. I think it was a ploy to explain a natural reaction to the show: “You’ve got to be kidding!” To which HBO could reply, “Yes, we are!” From the 15 or so episodes that I watched, I'd classify "Succession" as a prime time soap opera, and found it more monotonous and less interesting than "Dallas," and would rate it as worse than "Falcon Crest," but better than "Flamingo Road."

Supposedly a slap at Rupert Murdoch, “Succession” was widely praised, which surprised me because each episode was essentially a rehash of the one that preceded it, with all the family members, save the eldest child, Connor Roy, plotting or weighing their chances of succeeding Logan Roy (Brian Cox), who, when the show began, seemed on the verge of retirement.

The plotting took place during different occasions at various locations, where the biggest question was always, “Why is Connor here?”

CONNOR, played by Alan Ruck, was not really involved in the business. Last I heard, he was running for President. I wouldn’t know if that changed because I gave up on “Succession” early in its second season. However, the finale happened to be presented while my two daughters were visiting, so I watched with them and was not surprised that I hadn’t missed anything by avoiding the show for two years. There was only one important development, but I didn’t have to see it dramatized to anticipate the fallout or the scrambling that took place in the final hour.

Anyone who hasn’t seen the program and is wondering what the fuss was all about is advised to watch only the first and last episodes. Trust me, you won’t miss anything by skipping the other 37.

(To be fair, HBO’s “Succession” featured one of my all-time favorite opening themes, a piece of unusual music composed by Nicholas Britell, and I loved the family “home movies” that were shown during the opening credits.)

IN MY expected Disney cartoon remake, the part of Logan Roy will be played by Scrooge McDuck, and the wise folks at Disney will wrap up the whole story, such as it is, in one, hour-long film.

Playing the Roy sons will be Donald Duck’s nephews — Huey, Dewey and Louie. Donald will have only a small role as Ewan Roy, disgruntled brother of Logan. Playing Shiv Roy, Logan’s daughter, will be Daisy Duck, in the most challenging role of her career.

Fortunately for most of the Disney characters, everyone in the HBO series spoke incomplete sentences, eschewing verbs in favor of obscure cultural references, so while quacking may become annoying, it will, at times, be a vast improvement over the original dialogue.

NOT ALL of performers in the Disney version will be waterfowl. A guest appearance will be made by Cruella de Vil as Lady Caroline Collingwood, former wife of Logan Roy and mother of the always squabbling siblings, Connor, Kendall, Shiv and Roman, four of the most unlikeable characters ever featured in one series.

Spoiler alert! That the Roys were so hateful made it easy to anticipate the show’s ending.

Since competence was never important, it wasn’t difficult to guess who would wind up as the head of the company after Logan Roy finally died. The new boss had to be either Shiv’s off-again, on-again husband, Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfayden), or distant relative Greg Hirsch (Nicholas Braun).

The Disney version will recognize Tom and Greg are actually one character with multiple personality disorder, so they will be combined.

Thus, when Disney’s “Succession” comes to a close, the big winner will be a character played someone we’ve known and loved for years. Even those who loved "Succession" will admit Goofy's a perfect choice to play Tom.