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Marjorie Taylor Greene
at this year's State of
the Union address.

There can be no doubt Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is an idiot. From her ever-open mouth is an endless flow of stupidity that is sometimes alarming, sometimes unintentionally amusing.

She and Lauren Boebert from Colorado are among the dumbest people ever elected to the United States Congress. They must have company in that category, but, unfortunately, Greene and Boebert receive an undue amount of national publicity from a media that has always catered to squeaky wheels. (Such as the one who spent four years in the White House ...when he wasn't playing golf or Twittering rants in ALL CAPS.)

Marjorie Taylor Greene stands out because her stupidity and hypocrisy are so stunning. She reminds me of Emily Litella, a character created by the late Gilda Radner. In her "Saturday Night Live" appearances, Ms. Litella ranted because of confusion over a single word. She eventually realized her mistake, and left viewers with two words: "Never mind."

Irksome Greene never admits her stupidity, though I appreciate the comic relief in her referring to a "petri dish" as a "peach tree dish" and "gestapo" as "gespacho." To me, her most Litella like rant came in a Congressional hearing when she claimed an Illinois elementary school was given $5.1 billion to teach critical race theory. That was hilariously wrong for a dozen reasons, and it was shocking to hear anyone in Congress say it with a straight face. But that was typical of our little Marjorie.

FOR ME, she became a celebrity when she heckled President Joe Biden during his 2022 state of the union message, something she repeated this year. That she was re-elected in November was a sad comment on the voters in Georgia's 14th Congressional District.

As her notoriety grew, so did the media attention. Keep in mind there are 435 members of the United States House of Representatives. How many can you name? Chances are, not many, but most of us can identify the squeaky wheels, such as Greene, Boebert, and Florida's Matt Gaetz. Kevin McCarthy of California has yet to say anything remotely intelligent, yet there he is, speaker of the House. It's enough to convince anyone the inmates have taken over the asylum.

There is some intelligence at work in Congress, but the crazies dominate the news. In a less crazy era, Greene's fifteen minutes of fame would be over. The emergence of Donald Trump seven years ago turned the world upside down, when, incredibly, many millions of Americans bought into his lies, aided by the National Enquirer and the Fox Propaganda Network.

IN A RANT about President Biden's visit to the Ukraine, Greene even took Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to task for wearing a T-shirt during his walk-and-talk with Biden around the war-ravaged city of Kyiv, claiming Zelensky was being disrespectful. Greene knows a lot about showing respect for the American President. You do it in a fur-lined jacket and shout, "Liar! Liar! Liar!" while he is giving a speech.

In February, Greene broke the stupidity barrier by suggesting our so-called "red states" divorce the rest of the country. That she was given time to expound on this wacky and illegal concept on Sean Hannity's program is further proof how despicable this Fox host has become. Incredibly, Hannity endorsed Greene's suggestion that "red states" pass laws so that people who move there from "blue states" would be unable to vote in their new state until they'd lived there for five years. Dwell on that thought for few minutes.

It assumes everyone who lives in, say, New York is a Democrat, and everyone in, say, Alabama, is a Republican. This red and blue business goes back to television coverage of a presidential election many years ago, when, as the states were called for a candidate, those that voted for the Republican turned red on the network map, those that voted for the Democrat turned blue. States are not permanently red or blue, something that seems beyond Greene's understanding.

ASIDE from being illegal, Greene's "divorce" proposal is illogical and blatantly un-American; hell, it's anti-American. It's sad how many Republicans are un-American, though they claim otherwise. Their problem is they want everyone to agree with them about everything.

Greene is an extreme example, and her nonsense has me wondering if she's as stupid as the appears, and if she's merely seeking publicity. Or is she suffering from a form of Aspergers that causes her to make ridiculous statements? (With this form of the disease, it's not the victim who curses uncontrollably, but persons within hearing distance.)

Word is she wants to be Donald Trump's running mate in 2024. She's certainly sounding that way, advocating a civil war, which dovetails nicely with Trump's attempted coup.

Also, I found something significant in the timing of Greene's "divorce" nonsense? It came just after former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced she was running for President in 2024, and it prompted someone on TV to uncover an old interview in which Haley sounded as idiotic as Greene, but saying it was okay for states to secede (which it isn't).

IN RECENT WEEKS I've bounced back and forth between thinking Greene wants to destroy the Republican party to thinking she only wants to get rid of Republicans who've grown tired of Trump.

But her increasingly dangerous talk — her "divorce" suggestion can be categorized as treason — may set her up to be not Trump's running mate, but his cellmate.

As for a civil war, Republicans talk a lot about Democrats turning the United States into a socialist country, but most of the states that currently are "red" couldn't survive without federal aid. Maybe Greene doesn't realize that, but she might if we spent $5.1 billion dollars on an educational program designed to teach the Georgia congresswoman history, political science, math, English, and spelling. At the very least, she should know how to spell "gestapo" and that her state voted for Joe Biden in 2020, which made Georgia a blue state that also elected two Democrats to the United States senate.

Of course, the state still as a Republican governor and a Republican lieutenant governor and both the state house of representatives and the state senate are controlled by Republicans, which is how, as this was written, a law was being passed that would allow the state to get fire any Georgia prosecutors who might, say, want to indict a certain former Republican president. This would be a very dangerous precedent, as it would protect all corrupt politicians who happen to belong to the party in power, most likely to remain Republican until the voters of Georgia come to their senses. As if.

But should that happen ... well, can you imagine how loudly those Republican legislators would howl if that law were still on the books and suddenly they were out of office, and the Democrats were in control?

POSTSCRIPT: Greene topped herself on February 28 by claiming during a meeting of the House Homeland Security Committee that the Biden administration is responsible for the fentanyl deaths of two young men who actually died while Donald Trump was president. As usual, she shrugged off a mistake that would embarrass anyone else, so anxious was she to make her next stupid statement.