Charles J. Major (1837-1905)
John P. Major (1841-1914)
William James Major (1845-1905)
The Smolinski family
The McLaughlins
Many more
Helen Smolinski Major:
My Mother, the Navigator
Stanley "Buster" Major:
Athlete, prankster, politician
Bimby and Bobby Smolinski:
Siblings and rivals
Many more
Tony Kane's last voyage
Murder on Montrose: Unsolved since 1930
Up against Auburn in 1913, God struck out
Barbara Barrie: Meeting her
led to my film debut
Jackie Gleason: His stunt topped them all
Barbra Streisand: A diva from day one
Mary Tyler Moore, Joanna Moore, many more


The day the waste beds burst!
June 6, 1931: The craziest day ever?
Shoot-Out Near St. Cecilia's
Alec Baldwin's Solvay connection
Solvay goes to war, and more
Seems like yesterday
Charlie Major's close encounter
Ralphie would understand
Hotchee Botchee! Give me something to eat!
Back in those "Radio Days"
Sandy Pond: Adventures in Paradise
Welcome to Central New York
Have teasels, will travel
Coneys and salt potatoes
Two cents worth
We're descended from space aliens
Mom, you didn't miss a thing
Trash it? Are you sure?
Blame right turn on red
Take me out to the ball game
Ethan Allen: The Original Spin Doctor