Someone who inadvertently stumbled upon this website asked, Who's Major Smolinski?

The answer? No one. This website is named for the last names of the two people above, Stanley "Buster" Major and Helen Smolinski, who married in 1929.

My cousin Joseph Smolinski — the Rev. Joseph Smolinski, that is — was a Major Smolinski many years ago while he served as an Army chaplain with a paratrooper unit. However interesting a skydiving priest may be — and I consider my cousin's Army experience very interesting — the website began as a place to assemble information about my Major and Smolinski ancestors. Little did I know where it would take me.

My Major family emigrated to the United States from Ireland. Three brothers made the move, two of them settling near the Eastern-most Finger Lake, Skaneateles, the other continuing about 100 miles further west, to Buffalo.

People have often asked me where the Majors originated because our name doesn't necessarily sound Irish. There also are Majors in England, obviously, since one of them (no relative) was the British prime minister. I've also met a man named Major who was from Hungary.

The three Major brothers who began our American family were born in County Derry, Ireland.

The Smolinski family, not surprisingly, emigrated from Poland, though at the time of their departure (and for many years previously) their hometown, Kolno, was controlled by Russia.

Not everything on the website is about family. As a retired person I have lots of time on my hands. And since writing was part of my job for many years, I continue to write, often while putting a foot in my mouth.

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