Syracuse Journal, March 22,
EMPORIA, Kan., March 22 – Short dresses no longer indicating youth, County School Superintendent Florence Wright has requested teachers to wear dresses that will distinguish them from pupils.

Syracuse Journal, April 6
Ten Venuses Don Veils, But Veils Are Rather Thin
PARIS, April 6 – The ten “Venuses” advertised to appear entirely unclothed at the Folles Bergere changed their minds at the last minute last night. Fearing police interference, following the introduction in the Senate last Friday of a bill forbidding nudity “on or off the stage,” the management changed the plan for the undraped tableaux.

Instead of appearing in the altogether as promised, the ten beauties were costumed in featherweight veils, which, although the thinnest, are assumed to have passed the censors. The scene in the first act in which three girls appear as nude statues was retained on the ground that it is art.

Meanwhile, the Paris dressmakers, dreading the approach of a “morality wave,” held a meeting and decided to attempt to lengthen skirts and abolish the “Aphrodite gown,” which Lady Derby, seeing the latter at the races, called the “most scandalous creation” she had ever seen.

Syracuse Journal, April 8
Moves to Reform School Girl in Matter of Dress
WATERTOWN, April 8 – As a result of the statement made by Mrs. Nettie Hewitt of Carthage, former president of the New York State Federation of Women’s Clubs, that the dress of high school girls is immoral, and that two girls of the Carthage High School have admitted a regular practice of smoking cigarets in company with boys, a motion to protest against the practice has been sent out by the local branch of the Women’s Relief Corps to all state branches.

Syracuse Journal, May 19
CHICAGO, May 19 – The ankle of Mrs. Mary Underwood was her husband’s pride. But when he lifted her skirts to show the shapely ankles to friends, May called a halt and sued for divorce.

Syracuse Journal, May 25
LIMA, O., May 25 – City Council here was asked today by Mayor Burkhardt to place a ban on bare knees for women or girls over 11 years of age. “Rolled stockings, together with short skirts are indiscreet, to say the least,” Burkhardt said, “no matter what the sightseeing male may think of the practice.”

Syracuse Journal, June 22

Short Skirts Blessing, World Growing Better, Says Bishop Fallows
MADISON, Wis., June 22 (United News) – The short skirt is a blessing. Bishop Samuel Fallows of the Reformed Episcopal Church told university alumni gathered here for commencement. Bishop Fallows is the only living member of the class of 1859.

“Women are not growing less normal,” he said. “Their appearance in short skirts is a blessing. The world is going to be a better place."