New York Sun, July 24, 1933
DEXTER, Iowa (AP) — Marvin Barrow and his wife, robbery suspects, were captured here today in a battle with state and county peace officers.

Barrow was critically wounded. He is not expected to live.

Two men and a woman, believed to be Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Barrow and Jack Sherman*, escaped in a car stolen from a farmer.

Three squads of state and county officers surrounded the woods where the five suspects were hiding early this morning. As they closed in, the suspects began to fire with machine guns. The officers returned the fire, wounding Barrow. Rags Riley, Polk County deputy sheriff, was wounded.

Near Barrow and his wife, the officers found two machine guns, several automatics and five revolvers.

The three who escaped abandoned their car at Polk City, held up an oil station, and proceeded toward Des Moines in the station’s car. Somewhere en route they are believed to have left the woman, said to be Mrs. Barrow.

The five had been hidden in the woods for five days. Suspicion was raised when Ed Penn, farmer, found blood-stained bandages in the woods while he was hunting blackberries.

Workers in a restaurant became suspicious after one of the men for several days had purchased five dinners to take with him.

Officers were notified and the search which led to the shooting today was started.

*Jack Sherman was an alias used by W. D. Jones, whose real name escaped the press until his capture in November, 1933.

According to W. D. Jones, it was Clyde Barrow who made the daily trips to the restaurant, perhaps because he no longer trusted Jones enough to let him go off on his own.

Articles at the time said Blanche Barrow hadn't been wounded, either at Platte City or just before she was captured, but, in fact, she lost sight in her left eye when it was hit by a shard of glass when a car window was shattered by gunfire on July 20. An later operation failed to restore her vision in that eye.

Her arrest photo is well remembered, both for her outfit and her facial expression. It was explained that while she could see out of her right eye, her vision nonetheless was impaired, and she thought the man taking the picture was holding a gun, not a camera, and she was expecting to be shot.

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Two days later the Associated Press said what many reporters had mistakenly printed since March — that Marvin Barrow was the leader of the gang.

Troy (NY) Times, July 26, 1933
DES MOINES (AP) — Their leader near death and his wife in custody of Missouri officers, three members of the “Bloody Barrow” gang of Texas outlaws were still sought today.

In a Perry, Iowa, hospital, Marvin Barrow, 31, is dying, doctors said, as an infection from a head wound slowly saps his strength. The authorities said he admitted killing Alva Humphrey, an Alma, Arkansas, officer recently.
Meanwhile, his wife Blanche was taken to Platte City, Missouri, where the gang shot itself out of a trap last week, wounding two officers.

At liberty are Clyde Barrow, a woman companion known as Bonnie Parker of Dallas, Texas, and Hubert Bligh.
Marvin Barrow was wounded in the Platte City gunfight, and in another shootout as Dexter, Iowa, on Monday when a posse of 20 men surrounded the five in the woods at Dex field Park. Mrs. Marvin Barrow was taken prisoner.

The other three escaped and were reported seen near Sutherland, Iowa.