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John Oliver's a hypocrite
A recent HBO program lectured us about Asian-Americans, but continues to stereotype European-Americans.

Harry Bosch will return
However, little will be the same for the former Los Angeles police detective.
Trump continues to skate
No matter how despicable, even illegal, Donald Trump continues to escape appropriate punishment.
Mom didn't miss a thing
It's a good thing my mother never had a cell phone. It would be just one more thing to worry about.
Birth of road rage
Our civilization's decline began with right turn on red, which encourages impatience.
An evil invention
Telephones are weapons for the Forces of Darkness who want to sell you something or rob you.
We come from space aliens
It's time we acknowledged the humans come from a galaxy far away.
Do not try Buster's Method
My father finally managed to quit smoking, but I would not reommend his method to anyone.
Are nicknames extinct?
Say this about the politically incorrect days — people were given interesting nicknames.
An offer I couldn't refuse
When I recall how I got a summer job at Vernon Downs, I picture a scene in "The Godfather."
Trash it? Are you sure?
If only your brain worked like your computer it might serve you better in old age.
Baldwin's Solvay roots
The actor's mother lives not far from her beloved Wegman's supermarket.
Pets and passwords don't mix
So look elsewhere when you're asked to come up with a password that isn't "weak."
I'm just a low tech guy
Or why I'll never be abducted by aliens who want to know how things work here on Earth.
Give me a simple car
Truth is, I'm afraid of smart automobiles; just give me one that gets me from Point A to Point B.
Kids, suck it up
Parents shouldn't be required to be present for everything
Rattlesnake Gulch
There really is such a place in Central New York. And speaking of interestng place names ...
A Game for One
You can tell a lot about a boy by the game he plays and the way he plays it.
The Original Spin Doctor
He was Ethan Allen, who created my favorite board game.
Fleet Walker
To compare Fleet Walker with Jackie Robinson is a great injustice to Robinson.
Who's Who is Where?
I wanted the latest edition of Who's Who in Baseball, and didn't care where I had to go to find it.


Also listed under Back in the day:

Sleeping with snakes
That's what my family did the winter we suffered through two extended power failuress.
Radio Days, Too
Woody Allen's classic film about the golden age of radio inspired me to write my own version.
Musical odd couple
My first musical influences were Gene Autry and Frederic Chopin
Hotchee Botchee!!
Halloween has changed a lot since I was a kid. For one thing, it's not as much fun as it used to be.
Chasing waterfalls
According to the old TLC song, you shouldn't do it, and I found out that is wise advice.
Ralphie would understand
I had a BB gun. And I did not shoot out either one of my eyes.
Look! Up in the sky!
Charlie Major isn't the only family member who spotted a UFO.
Coneys and salt potatoes
Our taste buds keep calling us back to Central New York, our comfort food heaven.
Here a chick
One Easter my cousins and I were given chickens instead of eggs.
Paradise Lost?
My favorite vacation destination along Lake Ontario is being washed away.
Young and very lucky
A recollection of incredibly bad decisions that, fortunately,, did not end in disaster.
The Pilgrim Estates Gang
Fond memories of Warwick, Rhode Island, and a development called Pilgrim Estates.
Like Facebook, but much older
In the 1920s, you could use your local newspaper to spread the word about yoourself.
Photos are time machines
Looking at old photographs is a fast, sure way to be transported back to a different time in your life.
Have teasels, will travel
Skaneateles farmers once grew weeds on purpose and turned them into a thriving industry.


Also listed under Spotlight on Solvay:

Russet Lane
To me, Russet Lane was the center of an interesting universe; the fun and games never seemed to end.
Ci-Yi's shack
It actually was a tool shed, but to us it was the home of the bogeyman.
Sleepless in Solvay
It was hard enough to fall sleep on Christmas Eve, the carols from a neighbor's house made it impossible
Basketball memories
Until the early 1960s all junior high and high school basketball courts were not created equal.
Gus, the scoring machine
Solvay's 1951-52 basketball team was one of its best, thanks to Gus Castellini.
Forever Prospect
My old elementary school is the last school building standing in Solvay, serving a different purpose.
Solvay dogs back in my day were free to run wild. Two of my canine relatives took full advantage.