My brain exploded again recently, scattering thoughts all over the place. Causes of the explosion, of course, were the crazy person who occupied the White House for the past four years (when he wasn’t in Florida playing golf) and his many Republican minions who encouraged the lawless Trump militia and made excuses after the Capitol building was invaded.

Where to begin?

Residents of Florida’s First Congressional District must be so proud to be represented in Washington by Matt Gaetz, who’s 38-year-old, going on 12. He tried to blame Donald Trump’s coup attempt on Antifa, the favorite right-wing excuse for every riot and act of terrorism. Trump summoned his supporters to Washington and told them to march on the Capitol. Rudy Giuliani urged them to conduct trial by combat. Hmmm, sounds like we should blame Trump, though, if interrogated, he'd likely blame Giuliani.

Even if there were a few left-wingers in the crowd, which is doubtful, that wouldn’t excuse Trump, unless the person who spoke to the crowd earlier in the day was a Trump impersonator. (I shouldn't single out Gaetz; others offered the same senseless excuse, but Gaetz looked so silly doing it.)

Shame on anyone who continues to watch Fox News. And I suggest a psychiatric examination for anyone who watches One America News Network (OANN) and something called Newsmax, which would rival “Saturday Night Live” if it labeled its programming as satire.

How about Trump referring to his “sacred landslide victory”? The world-champion liar outdid himself with that one. He didn’t win, therefore there was no landslide, and he has never done anything that can be considered sacred.

The day after the coup fiasco, several media outlets ran a headline saying MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough “drops F-bomb” (when he called for Trump’s arrest). First, considering what happened a few hours before, it’s hardly newsworthy that someone on TV used a four-letter word that makes up about 20 percent of the dialogue in most films and cable TV shows. That word is fuck. As in fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

See? Nothing blew up. I wasn’t struck by lightning when I wrote fuck, you didn’t blow up when you read it. The use of “F-bomb” puts me in mind of a five-year-old tattling on a parent. And when anyone talks about Donald Trump, even in front of a television camera, it’s only human to become annoyed and say “fuck”. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the man’s actual legacy.

Speaking of which, I love the people who speculate about Trump’s legacy, wondering if the Capitol incident will tarnish it. Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, our ambassador to the United Nations for awhile in the Trump administration, continues to talk as though she's been thoroughly indoctrinated in Trumpism. She said the incident was "deeply disappointing" because of how it would affect Dangerous Don's legacy. I’d say it was a fitting coup de grace, insuring Trump’s place in history — alongside Benedict Arnold.

“It's a real shame,” Mrs. Haley said about Trump’s disgraceful behavior down the homestretch of his single term as president, “because I am one who believes our country made some truly extraordinary gains in the last four years."

What “extraordinary” gains? She listed withdrawal from the Iran nuclear pact and confirmation of three Supreme Court justices. Yes indeedy, those things really lifted my spirits, especially recalling how Republicans wouldn’t confirm Barack Obama’s pick for a Supreme Court justice, dragging their feet for nearly a year because, as Mitch McConnell put it, openings that occur during a presidential election year ought to be made by the winner.

Predictably, McConnell and other Republicans reversed their thinking when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on September 18 of last year. Thanks, Mrs. Haley, for reminding us of the petty politics that has become your party’s specialty. Not quite an extraordinary gain. Well, maybe she thinks it is.

As for withdrawal from the Iran nuclear pact, I’m not sure that’s a gain, either. Trump also pulled the United States out of the World Health Organization, and the Paris Agreement on climate change. He also wanted the United States out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, while he cozied up to dictators in Russia and North Korea.

• There must be something about being governor of South Carolina. The current office holder, Henry McMaster, spoke favorably about Donald Trump two days after the Capitol invasion, saying we should not let one day or one event "overwhelm all the good things Trump did throughout his presidency." While Gov. McMaster tries to come up with just one good thing, I'll think about those who died during the stunt that Trump instigated on January 6, a stunt that reportedly had him cheering as he watched the television coverage.

• Thank God for this headline: Trump won't attend Biden's inauguration.
Anyone surprised?

• Another favorite headline: Trump’s political future in peril after Capitol attack.
Ya’ think?

The man has no political future. When finally prodded into speaking out against those “special” rioters whom he said he loved just one day earlier, Trump took no responsibility for their actions, and threw the Trumptards under the bus. As the old expression goes, those rioters may be dumb, but they’re not stupid. You can bet many of them finally saw Trump for what he is — a coward, as well as the narcissistic sociopath they had come to idolize.

Except I think a lot of Trump’s supporters weren't drawn by what the man articulates — after all, his vocabulary barely exceeds 100 words — but by the bigoted attitudes and violence he encourages, allows, and endorses. What better president than one who pats you on the head for spewing hatred, smashing things, and shooting people. When Trump finally condemned their violence, he did it half-heartedly in a video he was forced to make.

Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I believe Trump is a sinking ship, and the crew is deserting. The extreme nut jobs remain, believing there must be method to Trump’s madness, and reportedly they are planning more attacks, which, I expect, will be met with much more force than they faced from the Capitol Police, some of whom seemed to mingle with the invaders. So it’s possible Donald Trump will have even more blood on his hands, and finally may be charged with some of the many crimes he has committed.

However, just to be safe, it would benefit us all if, against all odds, the effort to impeach Donald Trump before January 20 is successful. Removing him from office would be more than a symbolic victory, it would prevent Trump from ever again running for president. Any true Republicans in government would like Trump to disappear. About the worst thing that could happen to them if Trump were successfully impeached is he would become the man behind the scenes in a third party effort to elect a president in 2024. (“You’ll be making a huuuuge mistake if you don’t nominate my good friend, Rudy!”)

Which gets us to the quandary facing Republicans. They are members of what, at best, has become a do-nothing party; at worst, a party of anti-American fascists who attempted to deprive 81 million citizens of their right to vote. They will have to get their party back on track, and instead of attempting to undo everything, make an effort to propose better ways for the United States to face the future, keeping in mind this is 2021, not 1891.

Republicans who voted against counting electoral votes from certain states knew damn well the election was legitimate. They knew any effort to overturn the election was futile, and they did it to please the mad man, who should have been tossed out of office a year ago. Perhaps they, too, ought to be tossed out of office. Alabama's recently elected senator, Tommy Tuberville, tops my list. If they allow him to stay, he should be required to wear a dunce cap.

You know it’s time for an American President to fade away when, in reading prepared remarks about a bill that will affect our national parks, he comes to the word “Yosemite’, and pronounces it “Yo-SEM-ight.”

The only thing about the election that hinted of fraud was Trump receiving 74 million votes, which is about 20 million more than seems reasonable. Trust me, if the Democrats fixed the election, a lot of Republicans who won senate and congressional seats would have lost, starting with Mitch McConnell, who was the senate majority leader and, for all practical purposes, the co-president for the past four years.

As the second most powerful man in the country, McConnell must share the blame for what happened after the election. He knew Vice President Mike Pence wouldn’t speak out, content as he was to remain Trump’s doofus until events of January 6 forced him to do too little too late. But days after the election, McConnell should have done what Donald Trump wouldn’t — tell America that Joe Biden had been elected president fair and square. What was Trump going to do? He could’t fire McConnell, though the senator would have risked the wrath of Trump gestapo. So McConnell waited and waited ...

Ponder this, conspiracy fans. Besides being a huge pain in the ass to all Democrats, Mitch McConnell seems incredibly wily, though more inclined to have his own way than do the right thing. Could he have played along with the president, knowing Trump had no chance of changing the election outcome, because he also knew this would cause Trump to self-destruct? Thus McConnell finally would have Trump off his back, even at the risk of encouraging a violent showdown between congress and Trump’s Twitter-fed "special" forces?

Oh, wait, Twitter has suspended Trump's account. Did you ever think such an announcement would make headlines? Can you picture Herbert Hoover Twittering, "Hey, don't blame me for the Depression!" Or, as Trump might put it: NOT MY FALLT! libs cawse bank failyours.

• South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham finally spoke out against Trump — like he did before The Donald became president — and the price Graham paid was being menaced at an airport by some Trumptards, who must have gotten through to Senator Wishy-Washy, because Graham turned around and criticized Twitter for shutting down our most dangerous domestic terrorist.

Message to Ivanka Trump: Your father’s supporters — those idiots who broke into the Capitol building — are terrorists, not patriots, and your father is a traitor to his country. It’s ironic that in early December, Trump — and I’m not making this up — succeeded in bringing back execution by firing squad. (Wonder if that's one of the "extraordinary gains" Nikki Haley had in mind.) Then, a month later, Trump's clumsy attempt to keep a job he abandoned in November had him doing something that once upon a time would be punishable by death in such a manner.

Finally, while I shouldn’t joke about Trump facing a firing squad, it sure would be sweet justice for the man to be more fittingly punished for what he did to the country while he was president. He didn't get a second term, but it sure seemed as though he was in office that long. The Trump years were painful. He didn't do anything, but he sure liked to brag. As Stephen Colbert put it, Trump should get his comeuppance, but maybe he’s the kind of person whose uppance won’t be comed.

Trump has skated through life conning and cheating people, making claims he couldn’t prove, ducking every question, lying almost every time he opened his mouth, and yet every time his reprehensible behavior is pointed out, supporters and bystanders alike just chuckle and say, “You've got to understand, that’s just the way he is!”

I wonder how many Germans said that about Hitler?