It looks as though members of the Major family — with various friends and relatives — are ready to head home after a vacation at Otisco Lake, perhaps in 1917. That's Rose McLaughlin Major, hands on hips, at the far left, and her husband,, John W. Major, at the far right. Their youngest daughter, Irene, is fifth from the left. Their eldest daughter, Margaret ("Maggie") is second from the right. It's possible the person to her left is her sister, Viola ("Lola"), though her outfit makes her look like an older woman. (It's the smile that makes me think it might be Lola.)

Behind Maggie is her brother, Billy. The young woman to Billy's right may be Elizabeth Radford, his eventual wife. That thing above her is not part of her hat, but part of the roof on the camp behind them. Stanley "Buster" Major, another son of Rose and John, is the young man with his arm on the shoulder of the fellow in front of him.

Unfortunately, I do not know the others in the photograph, whether they are friends or relatives, and, if they are relatives, whether they are from the McLaughlin or Major sides of the family.

John W. Major could be a cigar-smoking Captain Von Trapp in this photo with sixteen young people who look as though they might be there to audition for "The Sound of Music." But in this group are John's five children, probably with Major or McLaughlin relatives at an Otisco Lake camp, in 1916 or 1917. In front, center stage, is Stanley "Buster" Major, doing some stupid hair trick, which doesn't amuse his older brother, Billy, surrounded by girls on the right. Next to Billy are sisters Maggie and Irene, who is making a horrible face. Between and behind Maggie and Irene is another sister Lola, whose hair looks as though it is lifting off her head. If anyone can identify any of the others, please contact me.