Syracuse Journal, March 13, 1925
Solvay Girls Lose to Vocational
And Solvay lost. What was thought almost impossible to happen came true. Once more tables turned, figures lied, the calculations of coaches came to nothing, and Solvay girls’ basketball team went down to its first defeat in what was to have been the last game of the season.

Vocational High School team was victorious in the fast, brilliant struggle, Wednesday, on the YWCA court, when the team at the top of the league met the team at the next to the top.

Solvay lost by the narrow margin of four baskets. The final score was 25 to 18, with the small end of the scoring for Solvay. Both teams played fast, clean ball. The sure, fearless shots of Esther Bryers, Solvay forward, and the quick, lightning turning and passing of Bertha Friedli, Solvay forward, saved the aggregation from a greater defeat at the hands of Vocational. Solvay was crippled in the third quarter by the loss of Emma Strauss, fleet side center, who was removed for technical fouls.

The Solvay sextet will have an opportunity to retrieve its loss in the final game with Vocational for which a tentative date, Friday at 4 o’clock, has been set. The team is now tied with Vocational for the first place in the City Girls’ League.

The Solvay lineup at the start of the game was Esther Bryers and Berta Friedli, forwards; Capt. Edith Noble, center, and Emma Strauss at side center; Anna Berlinski and Alma Herrick, guards. Two substitutes were used during the game.

A later story in the Syracuse Journal said that Esther Bryers lead the City Girls' League in scoring, and in one game scored 21 baskets — or 42 points. Whoever was sending the items to the Journal — as indicated by the way the score is described above — had a tendency to write in terms of baskets, not points.

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