Central New York
Exasperating landlords
The McCarthy brothers of Solvay waged long and frustrating legal battles with the village and the city of Syracuse over condemned properties.
Boys will be boys
The year was only 10 days and an hour old when one of the 1933's strangest stories unfolded. Smack dab in the middle was a Solvay native and a member of one of the village's most prominent families.
A Menace named Dennis
Patrick, one of the aforementioned McCarthy brothers, had big dreams for his children, including son Dennis, who, after a tough start, made his American dream came true.
Romance went from bad to worse
Solvay native Fernando "Freddie" Tagliaferri and his Detroit, Michigan, sweetheart, Elizabeth Martin, had a tumultuous relationship which came to an end that was both tragic and ironic.
Tragic blunder
One of the little-known World War 2 disasters was the sinking of a troop ship in the English Channel. Among the 800 victims was Pvt. Vincent Paci from Solvay.
Martha's her name, bowling's her game
In 1929 a 9-year-old Solvay girl amazed grown-ups with her ability to knock down pins.
High School Prank Leads to Death
An annual Auburn High School night of fun and games came to a tragic end in 1915 when the mayor's son crashed his father's car into a tree and killed a friend.
It could have been much worse
It's a miracle only one Marcellus student was killed at the Kirkville train crossing.
Tragedy at Putnam's Crossing
Two lives were lost as the result of a spectacular, but perhaps inevitable train-car collision in Jordan, NY, in 1917.
All in the family
Tony Kane's last voyage
He could have been a character in "Boardwalk Empire"; Tony Kane was headed for an early death.
Christmas tragedy
In December, 1929, seven teenagers crammed into a car to buy holiday decorations in Skaneateles for their school. Minutes later tragedy struck.
God Struck Out
In 1913, Mickey Major and 17 others were arrested. Their crime? Playing baseball on Sunday.
Welcome to Central New York
Strictly Solvay