Introducing . . .

Stanley "Buster" Major: Athlete, prankster, politician
Helen Smolinski Major: Our mother, the navigator
Jack Major: Unique? Google doesn't think so

Mary Beth Major Chard:
As a child, she was never alone

Olinda Johnson Major: Cupid was a car thief
Jeffrey Stephen Major: Child psychology didn't work
Laura Suzanne Major: Watch out for the quiet ones
Meridith Johnson Major: She loves L. A.
Oel Johnson: Adversity mets its match

William Smolinski: He put us into the movies
Bimby and Bobby Smolinski: Anything you can do . . .
Jim Smolinski: He always had the last laugh
Tom Smolinski: He made it look easy

Liz Major: Family historian,, poet laureate
Wanda Smolinski Kaldowski: Maybe she WAS Gracie Allen
Alma Kaldowski Furcinito: The perfect talk show guest
Kathleen Nicholson Mullally Johnson: A face from the '40s
Stella Rydelek Pawlik: The Sugarplum Prinncess

Charles Major Sr.: Remarkable in many ways
Charles Major Jr.: The judge who puts out fires
Sister Mary Antonia: Beloved nune from Skaneateles
John C.. McLaughlin: Jordan lawyer and politician
Thomas Francis McLaughlin: The singing professor

Stewart and Ruth Donnan: King and queen of Donnan Farm
Wagons roll: And so did The Jit on Russet Lane
If it's summer, this must be Sandy Pond

From snakes to elephants
Sleeping with snakes
That's what my family did during two extended power failuress.
Radio Days, Too
Woody Allen's classic film inspired me to write my own version.
Musical odd couple
My first musical influences were Gene Autry and Frederic Chopin
Ralphie would understand
I had a BB gun. And I did not shoot out either one of my eyes.
Coneys and salt potatoes
Our taste buds keep calling us back to Central New York, our comfort food heaven.
Chasing waterfalls
According to a wise old TLC song, you shouldn't do it.
Look! Up in the sky!
Charlie Major isn't the only family member who spotted a UFO.
Here a chick
One Easter my cousins and I were given chickens instead of eggs.
A faraway galaxy
That's where you are likely to find the missing link.
Gone, but not fotgotten
We called in The French Fort, a reconstructed relic of Central New York's past, and for years you could explore it at your leisure. (See below.)
Hotchee Botchee!!
Halloween has changed a lot since I was a kid.
Paradise Lost?
My favorite vacation destination along Lake Ontario is being washed away.
Young and very lucky
A recollection of bad decisions that, fortunately, did not end badly.
The Pilgrim Estates Gang
Fond memories of Warwick, Rhode Island, and Pilgrim Estates.
Like Facebook, but older
In the 1920s, you could use your local newspaper to spread the word about yoourself.
Photos are time machines
Looking at old photographs is a fast, sure way to be travel backward..
Have teasels, will travel
Skaneateles farmers turned weeds into a thriving industry.
Ride an elephant
It's something you no longer can do at the Syracuse zoo.
Mom didn't miss out
I've given it some thought, and concluded it's a good thing my mother never had a cellphone.
Our brains need a reboot
Sometimes it would be convenient if our brains functioned more like computers.