Ralphie would understand
I had a BB gun. And I did not shoot out either one of my eyes.
A Game for One
You can tell a lot about a boy by the game he plays.
The Original Spin Doctor
He was Ethan Allen, who created my favorite board game.
Hotchee Botchee!!
Halloween has changed a lot since I was a kid.
Adventures in Paradise
Sandy Pond has changed a lot since my first visit, but memories linger.
Are nicknames extinct?
At the very least they are an endangered species.
Look! Up in the sky!
Charlie Major isn't the only family member who spotted a UFO.
Young and very lucky
A recollection of incredibly bad decisions.
Here a chick
One Easter my parents and relatives bought a bunch of chicks. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Chasing waterfalls
According to the TLC song, you shouldn't do it.
Sleeping with snakes
We had no choice when our power went out.
The Popcorn Master
As I recall, his was the best I ever tasted.
Musical odd couple
My first musical influences were Gene Autry and Frederic Chopin
"Radio Days" forever
Old-time radio programs still play inside my head.
The Pilgrim Estates Gang
It was Deja Vu when I moved into this neighborhood.
Days of milk and Esther
A recent obituary triggered a memories of an elementary school ritual.
Lashing out at losers
A tantrum by Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski reminded me of a similar incident at Solvay High.
The Big Picture
Major family reunion: 1930
Otisco Lake vacation: 1917
The French Fort
State Fair ice cream stand
Nana's mother-in-law
Coneys and salt potatoes
Our taste buds keep calling us back to comfort food heaven.
Have teasels, will travel
Skaneateles farmers once grew weeds on purpose.
Ride an elephant
It's something you no longer can do at the Syracuse zoo.
An offer I couldn't refuse
When being a Democrat gave me the inside track.
Rattlesnake Gulch
There really is such a place in Central New York.
Sorry, folks, l'm still a Democrat
According to some recent junk mail, I've changed my political affiliation, indicating Republicans are more confused than I thought.
'The Staircase' on Netflix
Take my tip: disregard the hype. This rehash of Kathleen Peterson's death is a bloated waste of time.
Blame right turn on red
If you want to trace the decline of our civiization, look no further than the highway.
Baldwin's Solvay connection
Two words: mother and Wegman's.
Pets and passwords don't mix
So look elsewhere in the war against hackers
Give me a simple car
Truth is, I'm afraid of smart automobiles
I'm just a low tech guy
Or why I'll never be abducted by aliens
Descended from space aliens
It's time we acknowledged we come from a galaxy far away.
An evil invention
Telephones are weapons for the Forces of Darkness.
Mom, you didn't miss a thing
It's a good thing my mother never had a cell phone.
Revoke some parenting rules
Especially those that encourage neediness.
Trash it? Are you sure?
If only your brain worked like your computer.