Understandable cynicism
When Donald J. Trump announced he had tested positive for Covid-19, my fist reaction is that this was just another of his endless lies, like the boy who cried, "Wolf!"
Blame it on the pod people
Kevin McCarthy's warning at the end of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" went unheeded. That's one explanation for why Nikki Haley and other Republicans became Trumptards.
Call him "Donald the Hutt"
Donald Trump belongs in a "Star Wars" movie, not the White House, though he'd also make a good James Bond villain.
Trump Math is for geniuses
There's Old Math, New Math, and, now, Trump Math. But only a genius can make sense of this new science.
Losing sleep over Trump
Every night I toss and turn, filled with worry that a lying, incompetent narcissist will be re-elected president.
Like an approaching hurricane
That's how I feel about this year's election.
An evil invention
Telephones are weapons for the Forces of Darkness.
We come from space aliens
It's time we acknowledged we come from a galaxy far away.
Birth of road rage
Our civilization's decline began with right turn on red
Baldwin's Solvay roots
The actor's mother will not move away from Wegman's
Pets, passwords don't mix
So look elsewhere in the war against hackers
Mom didn't miss a thing
It's a good thing my mother never had a cell phone.
I'm just a low tech guy
Or why I'll never be abducted by aliens
Still a Democrat
My recent junk mail has been sent to the wrong Jack Major
Give me a simple car
Truth is, I'm afraid of smart automobiles
Trash it? Are you sure?
If only your brain worked like your computer.
Kids, suck it up
Parents shouldn't be required to be present for everything
Fleet Walker
It's time to put him in perspective and stop comparing him to Jackie Robinson