In the United States of my youth, its citizens never would have elected an obvious villain as its president. Yet they did in in 2016 when Donald J. Trump emerged victorious in the presidential election, despite receiving almost three million fewer votes than his opponent.

Granted, Hillary Clinton may not have been particularly charismatic, though she did receive 65,844,610 votes, a total topped only by Barack Obama in his two presidential victories. Many people simply didn't like her, for various reasons, and threw their support to a liar, a con man, and arrogant elitist who mistakes his weight for his IQ.

It's not bad enough Donald J. Trump entered the office without taking the time to prepare for the job, but after 43 months as president, he proves time and again he still doesn't know what he's doing. Beyond that, the man has bad intentions. He obviously wants to be the first United States dictator. He's understandably compared with pop culture's best-known villains — Jabba the Hutt, Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor from the "Star Wars" franchise, Auric Goldfinger and Ernst Blofeld from James Bond films, and Mr. Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life." Some say he's more like the title character in "The Wizard of Oz," who was exposed as a fake, a man who was no wizard at all.

Who would have thought we'd have all of these characters living in the White House?

TRUMP CALLS himself a genius, though it's painfully obvious the man has difficulty reading, has no understanding of basic mathematics, cannot complete a sentence, possesses a limited vocabulary, is always vague on details, and wants us to believe any unfavorable story about him is "fake news," even when proof of its validity is presented to him.

His true genius lies in his knowledge of human nature. One of my favorite lines is something I first heard in TV's "Justified," based on short stories written by Elmore Leonard, though I don't think the line originated with him: "Repeating a lie doesn't make it so."

Donald J. Trump knows if you refuse to acknowledge that you are lying, you can convince a lot of people you are telling the truth. It was estimated that on no less than 150 occasions, Trump gave himself credit for passage of a bill that helped American veterans, something called Veterans Choice. Trump claimed previous presidents going back 50 years had been unable to get this legislation passed, "but I did it!"

TROUBLE WAS, it was Barack Obama who signed it into law in 2014, two years before Donald the Hutt waddled into Washington. When this lie finally was pointed out to him at a press conference, Trump did what he always does when confronted by the truth, he walked away in a huff. I fully expect him to repeat the lie at a gathering of friendlies, when, no doubt, there will be no masks in evidence.

The Trumpster really has a bug up his keister about Obama, promising in 2016 he'd wipe out Obamacare and replace it with something great. But four years later, our current president has no health plan, though he recently promised he'd start thinking of one.

Trump's claim that his likely Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, was against God and would take guns away from Americans, was as desperate a claim as it was despicable. And if we ever had a Godless president, it's Donald J. Trump, whose only use for the Bible is holding one for photo ops.

Biden is a Catholic who, as far as I know, attends church every Sunday. Trump, then, is either anti-Catholic or even more evil than I imagined, because this is a political tactic that goes back to 1928 when the Democratic candidate was Al Smith, the first Catholic to run for that office. By making this claim against Biden, Donald J. Trump can be viewed as an honorary member of the Ku Klux Klan. Which is to be expected from a man who days earlier patted himself on the back for his efforts to keep low-income housing out of the suburbs, where, apparently, the American dream cannot come true unless neighborhoods are lily white.

THE GUN SCARE comes up in almost every presidential election. I recall attending a high school reunion in 2000 and being shocked that so many of my former classmates said they intended to vote for George W. Bush because Al Gore was going to take away their guns.

True, there are Democrats and many independent-minded Americans who would like to keep assault weapons out of the hands of their neighbors, but unless this country finds itself under the control of a dictator — such as Donald the Hutt — our second amendment rights will remain in effect. Americans will always have guns. But those rights weren't intended to support an army of nut cases who refuse to pay taxes and want to live by their own laws.

Trump doesn't display empathy for anyone, as shown in his "It is what it is" remark over the number of United States deaths in the coronavirus pandemic, but he may relate to anyone who won't pay taxes, since he apparently hasn't paid them himself.

MEANWHILE, the rest of the world is laughing at the United States for electing such a buffoon. Trump, of course, doesn't get the joke. Unfortunately, neither do the millions of people likely to vote for him again in November.

These people better not vote by mail, because Trump might arrange it so their votes never reach their destination. That's just the kind of villain he is.