So the New York Yankees no longer will play Kate Smith’s version of “God Bless America” during its home games . . . Seems the late singer, who was born in 1907, recorded two songs that contained racist lyrics. She sang these songs in the early 1930s, but, of course, the recordings live on.

Those two songs — “Pickaninny Heaven” and “That’s Why Darkies Were Born” — clearly are racist in the condescending manner widely seen at that time even in well-intentioned white Americans. Ms. Smith may have been guilty of insensitivity, but I suspect those two songs were well received by many blacks at the time. Which is neither here nor there.

Comedian Bill Burr, in a recent appearance on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, said that despite the fact O. J. Simpson very likely is a murderer, he still thinks of Simpson as one of the greatest runners in football history. Burr might have been trying to create a stir in his audience, but he raised a good point. A crime may change your feelings toward a person, but it doesn't erase everything else he or she may have done in life.

In this vein, baseball can deny Pete Rose admission to the Hall of Fame, but anyone who knows the game has to admit he was one hell of a player. Steroids or not, so was Barry Bonds.

IN THE MATTER of Kate Smith, I question why the Yankees started playing the song in the first place. Unfortunately, I believe they’re going to continue playing it, using a different singer’s version. Well, if you insist on subjecting thousands of baseball spectators to “God Bless America,” you’re doing them a slight favor by scrapping the Kate Smith version. She and Ethel Merman were among the most irritating singers I ever heard. All volume, no style. Even Sophie Tucker varied her delivery not and then.

The bigger issue involves God’s place at a sports event. True, players invoke God all the time, which is ridiculous, but excusable because they’re young and dumb enough to believe God takes sides in our silly games.

But for an organization such as the Yankees to drag God into a public event is about as offensive as a municipality displaying a manger on the steps of a city hall.

THAT ASIDE, only an idiot would think that if God does exist, He or She would bless to a country that elected Donald Trump as its President.

This is not a political reaction; it’s strictly religious. Donald Trump brazenly and repeatedly breaks at least two of God’s commandments — those concerning adultery and lying. We’ve had other Presidents who committed adultery — John Kennedy and Bill Clinton come to mind — and all Presidents have been known to lie. Richard Nixon certainly told us whoppers that were as obvious as the nose on his face. But no politician was so blatantly Godless during an election campaign as Trump, who is proving to be an almost unbelievable embarrassment, giving new meaning to the word "Twitterpated."

God want us to love one another. Trump seems to believe the more appropriate feeling for our fellow man is hate. Certainly there seems to be an overabundance of hatred in this country these days.

That’s why, during the first — and, hopefully, last — administration of this self-involved sack of lies, the United States ought to put to rest the idea that we’re God’s favorite nation.

Bless us? We’ll be lucky if He or She forgives us.